If there’s one group who is bringing back that classic 80’s sound, it has to be Michael Cassette. Erkka Lempiäinen and Matti Heininen, otherwise known as Komytea and Bluehouse Effect, form the Finish duo named Michael Cassette. These two gentlemen have been producing under the Anjunadeep label for several years now, and their first artist album has come with great success. There are a lot of good things to say about this album, but the first thing I must mention is the retro sound they have infused into their productions. If you listen straight from the beginning to the end, you will feel like you just stepped into Doc Brown’s DeLorean and traveled back to the 80’s. Drop down the windows and your ears are greeted with new wave music and synth-pop, and people around you are dressed in denim jackets and bright colored headbands. Fortunately I was too young to remember the decade of mullets and Madonna, but Michael Cassette has done us all a favor and brought it all back for our listening pleasure. All 13 tracks have that keyboard synthesizer feel to them, but in a modern, cleanly-produced fashion (think old school 8-bit Nintendo played on a 240hz HDTV). The 80’s was when electronic music was beginning to take shape, with musical artificiality and waveform experimentation becoming more and more popular.

The CD opens up with My Name Is Michael Cassette, which serves as a great intro to the album. I really like Shadow’s Movement, which was actually first released in 2007. Crockett’s Theme is a nice ode to the Miami Vice theme song, and Ghost in the Machine is the latest release found in this album. Magenta Sunrise, Zeppelin, and Kilimanjaro were also previously released, but they fit in well with this album. Through the Windows and Nevermore include vocal accompaniment, with the former being the better song. Farewell to David and the bonus 90’s Piano mix of Memories close out the album nicely. The overall feel of the album is chill, with groovy beats and heavy melodic tones. Think of it this way… if house music in the 80’s was made using technology from today, this is what it would sound like. I have uploaded the album on one joined MP3, check it out below. 

Michael Cassette – Temporarity (ANJCD020)
01 My Name Is Michael Cassette
02 Shadow’s Movement
03 Crockett’s Theme
04 Through The Windows
05 Magenta Sunset
06 Ghost in the Machine
07 Pangaea
08 Nevermore
09 Kilimanjaro
10 Carpe Diem
11 Zeppelin
12 Funeralia – Farewell to David
13 Memories (90’s Piano Mix) (Bonus Track)