The Musical Madness label was created by Marcel Woods with the goal of releasing the most eccentric dance music ever, with no bounds nor standardization. With the prior publications of Marcel’s Musical Madness albums, it is time for another DJ to step up to the plate. With two of his tracks featured on the second Musical Madness album, Jonas Stenberg was anointed the next circus conductor. Jonas has had a busy year, releasing 6 singles along with this compilation album. He starts things off with the super deep Eddie Sender remix of Das Is Good, and things quickly get crazy with no apologies. The level of delirium increases with each passing song, but that’s not to say the album is mixed with reckless abandon. There remains a solid level of control as Jonas methodically brings in tune after tune. Even though many of the songs can be considered old now, there are still plenty of gems in this one, including Starstruck, Reflect, Emo Dist, and the great Into Ontario. The tech-trance road which Marcel Woods paved the way for is being beautifully trekked by Jonas Stenberg, as shown by this complex yet polished mix. This album isn’t as nuts as Marcel’s previous rendition, but it still holds its own as a fine alternative to the softer, delicate trance that’s being made today. Check it out here…

Jonas Stenberg – Musical Madness Heroes vol. 1
01 Andy Power – Das Is Good (Eddie Sender Deeper Redraw mix)
02 Vojt Van Twistigen Presents Futurition – The Love Of My Life
03 Setrise & Matthew Nagle – Reckless
04 Russo – Sheik
05 Oleg Espo – Bumblebee
06 Be:Gold – Starstruck (original)
07 Nuera – Driving Me (feat Elsa Hill)
08 Taylor & Close – Into Ontario
09 Jonas Stenberg – Timeline (Matthew Nagle remix)
10 Xetro – Barely Human (original mix)
11 D-Mad – Union
12 Jonas Stenberg – Trademark (Revision mix)
13 Pascal Feliz – Reflect
14 Shy Brothers – This Is Us
15 Jonas Stenberg – Emo Dist (Wezz Devall mix)