Here is an album recently released on Enhanced Recordings. Mixed by John Askew, this two-disc compilation features many brand new tracks by some really great producers. I assumed that John would have made something like this under his own Discover label, but I guess he is not shy to freelance for other labels. In either case, John has put together a nice collection of tunes. The first thing I noticed before listening to this was the number of tracks on each CD. With 21 tracks in the first disc and 22 in the second, this album is mixed from end to end with a lot of content. Fitting 20+ tracks into 80 minutes requires fast mixing as well as excellent planning, and John accomplishes both of these with ease. I don’t hear much difference in style between the two discs, as both of them contain melodic songs with hard hitting basslines. There is plenty of new material on this release, including two new tracks by Simon Patterson as well as some sweet tunes by Tom Colontonio, Mike Koglin, Vol Deeman, and of course John Askew. I love mix compilations which feature new stuff, and this one does it right. Check it out for yourself below…

CD 1
01 Ian Booth – Enigma (Intro Edit)
02 John Askew – Intimate Strangers
03 Impulsive Drive – Another Way
04 Sonic Element feat. Three Faces – Afterlight (Dub Mix)
05 Substate – Panama
06 Enyo – Magnesium (Right Face Remix)
07 Mike Nichol feat. Elles de Gaaf – So Far Away
08 ReOrder – City Beats
09 Audien – Eleven Eleven
10 Sneijder – Away From Here (Arty Remix)
11 Fabio XB feat. Yves de Lacroix – Close To The Stars
12 Bram – Aqumarine (Vullcan Remix)
13 Oliver Brooks – Apart (Thomas Datt Remix)
14 Tom Colontonio – Turn That Shit Up (Vol Deeman Remix)
15 Sly One vs Jurrane – Everything To Me
16 JayB & Sandra Wagner – Desire” (Daniel Kandi Classic Remix)
17 Adam Foley – Nevermind
18 John Askew – Blackout (Simon Patterson Remix)
19 Ronald de Foe – Old Times
20 Air Night – Remember (Suprano Remix)
21 Tom Colontonio – Induction

01 Nic Callaghan & Will Atkinson – Let Go
02 Tyler Michaud & Interstate – Junkie (Reaves & Ahorn Remix)
03 Garry Heaney – Zegema Beach (Askew Edit)
04 Simon Patterson – Whiplash
05 John Askew – To The Floor
06 John Askew – Misfit (Adam Foley Remix)
07 Dennis Sheperd – Left Of The World (Mike Shiver Dub)
08 Activa – The One you Need (Sonic Element Remix)
09 Thr3shold – H.A.A.R.P.
10 Simon Patterson – Latika
11 Indecent Noise – Warsaw
12 John Askew – Giving You Acid  (Sly One vs Jurrane Remix)
13 Adam Foley – No Kontrol
14 Gary Maguire – Poisoned Mind
15 Ben O – Definition (Enoh Remix)
16 Mike Koglin vs Dale Corderoy – Metronomic (Askew Edit)
17 David Deen – Journeyman (Askew Edit)
18 Des McMahon vs 3clipse – Some Day
19 Driving Force – Through The Years (Askew Edit)
20 Activa vs Revolution 9 – The Fall (John Askew Remix)
21 Trance Eye. pres. Electronic Dreams – Electronic Dreams (ATM Remix – Askew Edit)
22 Vol Deeman – Falling Stars