Since American Thanksgiving (one of the top two holidays in the world) is just around the corner, I thought it would be fitting to make another Trancegiving mix. The last one I made was in 2008, and that particular one had a chillier, colder feel to it to match that year’s weather conditions. The temperature in San Diego has been pretty warm this November, so I tried to set up a more pleasant, relaxed mood for this transition between summer and winter. The resulting product is one of the most chill mixes I have ever made. I tried to keep it as smooth and groovy as possible, while selecting tracks that contain the most auditory complexity. Many of the songs exhibit those thick, heavy layers to them, which almost led me to title this the Melted Mix Part II. I had a very special inspiration when I put this together, and I hope the theme is consistent from start to finish.

The first three songs are the intro tracks designed to warm you up. Karanda’s new Curveball sets things up nicely with a bouncy feel, and it mixes into Cayo Norte which has the talent of 4 great producers soaked into it. The mix journeys on with Midnight Run, a new deep track by Michael Woods. Track 4 is where the true voyage begins. JPL’s Young Love reminds me of so many things, with a tune so charming it has been replaying in my head for over a week. This is what young love should sound and feel like, with a wonderful bassline eclipsed only by its beautiful melody. The next track is a great collaboration between Cressida and Reminder. This German/Swiss joint effort works nicely as you can hear the styles of both artists blend fluidly into each other. Lucid is followed up by Foreverland, which is a fantastic new single off of Estiva’s recent EP. The next two songs, Rapsody and Endless Moments, turn things up a notch with a little bit more energy. As you may know, Rapsody and the Super8 & Tab remix of Perception are two of my favorite tracks released this year, so I undoubtedly had to incorporate them into this series. The mix carries on with some more solid tracks like Skytech’s Rocket Science, Tritonal’s Audio Rush, and the Ronski Speed remix of Sunrise. I like these tunes because all of them embody complex, yet refined sounds. From the delicate notes in Sunrise to the ear-tickling rhythm of Manga, these songs are full of special little intricacies that I needed to share with you guys. You may have to listen through a few times, but I’m sure you will start to appreciate the same melodic motions that I have been hooked on. The mix ends with SylverMay’s remix of Remember, which has its own unique lure all by itself.

I hope you guys enjoy the mix, this was a special one for me so listen closely! I am going on vacation for a couple of days so there probably won’t be anything new up for a while. Happy holidays to everyone, may you all enjoy some nice quality family time and lots of good eating!

Yeyo – Trancegiving Mix 2010
01 Karanda – Curveball (Original Mix)
02 Mike Foyle & DNS Project – Cayo Norte (Lemon & Einar K Remix)
03 Michael Woods – Midnight Run (Original Club Mix)
04 JPL – Young Love (Original Mix)
05 Cressida & Reminder – Lucid (Original Mix)
06 Estiva – Foreverland (Club Mix)
07 Albert Keyn – Rapsody (Dyor Remix)
08 Daniel Wanrooy – Endless Moments (George Acosta Remix)
09 Markus Schulz – Perception feat. Justine Suissa (Super8 & Tab Remix)
10 Skytech – Rocket Science (Original Mix)
11 Tritonal – Audio Rush (Original Mix)
12 Store N Forward – Manga (Original Mix)
13 Andre Visior, Kay Stone – Sunrise (Ronski S.P.E.E.D. Remix)
14 Air Night – Remember (SylverMay Remix)

Download the mix here