Israeli psy-producer Avi Shmailov, a.k.a. Astrix, recently released this artist album at the end of September. It is an unmixed selection of self-produced tracks as well as a handful of remixes made for other artists. If I had to pinpoint an artist that exemplified uplifting psy-trance, I would easily choose Astrix as the best representation. He sets up some really nice melodies on top of his driving hypnotic basslines, as shown in the first single released off the album, Acid Rocker. My favorite tracks are Dharma and Silver Sky, which are very complete in their production. Take A Shot and Antiwar are also nice songs which have that traditional psy-sound to them, with hard hitting beats and fast riffs. However, I don’t care too much for Sparks or Killing Time; for some reason vocals and psy-trance just don’t mix well for me. The album was released on HOMmega Productions, a long-standing Israeli record label which pretty much started the full-on psychadelic trance scene in 1997. Check this album out if you are feeling lazy or tired, it will definitely wake you up!

Astrix – Red Means Distortion
01 Astrix – Acid Rocker
02 Astrix – Mir
03 Astrix – Take A Shot
04 Shakta – Lepton Head (Astrix Remix)
05 Astrix – Antiwar
06 Astrix – Dharma
07 Astrix Feat Tom C – Sparks
08 Delirious – Silver Sky (Astrix Remix)
09 Emok & NDSA – Harbour Candy (Astrix Remix)
10 Infected Mushroom Feat Perry Farrell – Killing Time (Astrix Remix)