It’s been way too long since I have done an artist showcase, so here are some tracks from Adrian Ivan, better known as Mr. Pit. Working from Timisoara, Romania, Mr. Pit has steadily advanced his career to the impressive point he is at now. Known mainly as a producer, Mr. Pit has created many monsters which have destroyed dance floors all over the world. He is the label owner of the respected Well-Mixed Records, which is an independent Romanian label company. Also working closely with Coldharbour and High Contrast Recordings,  Adrian puts out techy tracks which almost always have hard hitting basslines. His melodies are usually pretty thick, and the riffs that he constructs have a hypnotic feel to them. I have rarely heard of him traveling as a DJ, but he does have his own podcast, titled Universal Selection (which is currently on its 18th episode). One thing that keeps me on the lookout for his work is that it’s constantly improving, as I will try to show you with the following songs.

Mr. Pit – Insolarium
This is the first Pit song that I ever purchased in 2007. He started putting out releases in 2004, but it took me a while to catch onto his stuff. The worthy bassline of this track is a good indicator of Mr. Pit’s potential.

Mr. Pit – Shana/Love You More

This is probably Adrian’s breakout release. This single contained a lot of great versions of Shana, including a solid remixes by Duderstadt and DNS Project. Love You More got overshadowed a little bit, but it can definitely hold its own. It was released in 2008 on Coldharbour.

Mr. Pit, Jochen Miller – Perfect Chase
Here’s a nice collabo between two rising producers in 2008. This track didn’t receive much airtime, but I love the brainstorming between these two guys. Nice release on High Contrast.

Marcel Woods – Lemon Tree (Mr. Pit’s House Parade Remix)
There aren’t too many remixes made by Mr. Pit, but this is a good one. The main portion of the song remains unchanged, but the beat gets a house reconstruction.

Mr. Pit – Unchanged/Deluxe
These two tracks are a pair of really good fillers used in building up a mix. Mr. Pit tends to make a lot of these, and the style really fit in with what Coldharbour was trying do in early 2009.

Mr. Pit, Jochen Miller – Melodee

These two guys did not miss a step with their second collaboration. This one was released on High Contrast Nu Breed, and I like this one a little bit more than the earlier Perfect Chase.

Mr. Pit – This Room Is Not Big Enough/Simplicity

This EP was written especially for Markus Schulz’ Las Vegas 10 compilation. This Room is the hard-hitter of the single, with a complete, speaker-blowing bassline. Simplicity is more chill, with some nice strings and a great melody.

Mr. Pit – Low Altitude/Sky Traffic
Here is the latest single which has received a lot of good looks. I still haven’t gotten sick of Sky Traffic despite Markus playing it in every set possible. If Mr. Pit continues to make tracks this impressive, he will have a very promising future ahead of him.

Check out his website here