In 2002, Independance Records celebrated the 10 year anniversary of Bonzai Records with this album. Bonzai, which is a Belgium-based record company, went bankrupt in 2003 after years of putting out many solid releases. It was powered primarily by DJ Fly, Mike Dierickx (a.k.a. M.I.K.E., Push, and Plastic Boy), and Yves Deruyter. After the bankruptcy in 2003, the Bonzai brand was shifted to Banshee Worx, which it now operates under today. This two disc album commemorates the endurance of the label by selecting some of the greatest hits released by it. In this collection you will hear many notable classic songs which have quite frankly been forgotten about. Tracks like Silver Bath, Another Dimension, Plasma, Aqua Contact, La Sirena, and The Legacy really take me back to a good place. I love this release because it spans across an entire decade of trance, and every track on this album is a gem, so you should listen carefully if you know what’s good for you.

Disc 1
01 Jones & Stephenson- The First Rebirth (Airwave Remix 2002)
02 Push- Tranzy State Of Mind
03 Plastic Boy- Silver Bath
04 Quadran- Eternally
05 Oudja- Amazone
06 Stephen Parker- Phases Pad
07 Energy 52- Cafe del Mar( three N’ One remix)
08 Airwave- Another Dimension
09 Fire & Ice- Heart & mind
10 Push- The Legacy (Svenson & Gielen Remix 2002)
11 Phrenetic System- Transformer
12 Cherry Moon Trax- The House Of House (Moon Project Remix)

Disc 2
01 Push- Universal Nation (Dumonde Remix 2002)
02 R.O.O.S- Instant Moments (Fire & Ice Remix 2002)
03 The Green Martian- End Of The Earth (2002 Remake)
04 Mass Effect- Plasma
05 The Lounge- Shades
06 DJ Fire- Ulanbator
07 Tyrome- Monkey-Way
08 Davis & Santini- I Can’t Stop
09 DJ Looney Tunes- Workstation
10 Yves Deruyter- Calling Earth (2002 Remix)
11 Aqua Contact- La Sirena
12 Final Analizis- El Punto Final

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