Seemingly obsessed with the summer season, Roger Shah has recently released his third Sunlounger album, titled The Beach Side of Life. In typical Sunlounger fashion, Roger created an album that is dedicated to the sun and the sand; the Balearic sound is heavily breathed into all of the tracks.You will find an abundant dose of guitar strings, warm pads, and dreamy vocals in this album, as Roger paints the perfect beach setting with his music. The album is authentic beach material, and you can even find sounds of waves crashing in the intro. My favorite songs are Acapulco Waves, Son of a Beach, and Trademark White, as well as the follow up to the 2008 hit Lost, titled Found (which also features the vocals of Zara Taylor). The other vocal tracks are decent, but nothing else really caught my attention. However, if you liked the previous Sunlounger albums, you will enjoy this album more than I did. I have uploaded three versions of this release, starting with a downtempo, chilled out version. The middle interpretation is the uptempo version, and the last one contains the club mixes of the songs. The songs have been joined together end to end so you can enjoy it in one continuous play (and because it’s too much work to upload the songs one by one).

Roger Shah presents Sunlounger – The Beach Side of Life
01 The Beach Side Of Life
02 Found (feat. Zara Taylor)
03 Coastline
04 Breaking Waves (feat. Inger Hansen)
05 Kuta Beach
06 Beautiful Night (feat. Antonia Lucas)
07 Summer Escape
08 Trademark White
09 Life (feat. Lorilee)
10 Acapulco Waves
11 Feels Like Heaven (feat. Zara Taylor)
12 Son Of A Beach

Play the downtempo version
Play the uptempo version
Play the club mix version