This is part 2 of the Best of Coldharbour Remixed release. All of these are new remixes of older Coldharbour tracks, so you can check them out and see they’re better than the original.

Hammer & Bennet – Language (Phynn Remix)
Here’s another one of those stadium destroyers, much like Phynn’s older Spacewalk.

Mike Foyle pres. Statica – Space Guitar (Aaron Camz Remix)
The original Space Guitar came out in 2005 and its melody hypnotized everybody. This 2010 version by newcomer Aaron Camz still retains the most basic portion of the song, but contains a modern take on the bassline. I think I like the original one more, but this remix is done tastefully.

Funabashi – Daylight (Estiva 2010 Remix)
I’m really feeling this remix by Estiva. The original feels darker and more progressive, which reminds me of Markus’ style back in 2005. Estiva’s new version has a little bit more energy and a bouncier beat.

Mr. Pit – Shana (DNS Project Remix)
I’m sure you all remember this song when it was first released a few years ago. The single contained some massive remixes by Duderstadt and Plastic Angel. This DNS version doesn’t have the same throbbing beat as the originals, but it’s a tad faster and still has the same vocal effects.

Lentos – Forget About Us (TyDi Remix)
You can definitely hear Tydi’s signature bassline in this one. This remix is pretty good, but it still doesn’t touch the Barnes & Heatcliff remix, which is my favorite.

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