Do you remember what you did on Valentine’s Day this year? If you were in California’s Bay Area, there’s a good chance you may have attended the annual E.T.D. Love party at the Regency Center in San Francisco. With headliners like The Thrillseekers, Thomas Datt, and 4 Strings, love was definitely in the air as the party goers celebrated the romantic holiday. I didn’t get a chance to go, but if I did, I’d imagine the highlight of the night must have been Steve Helstrip’s live performance. So what did the Live Xtreme show consist of? Here is a brief description:

Brace yourself San Fran because on 13th February The Thrillseekers Live Xtreme Debuts at ETD Love. A decade of electronic dance music revisited reinterpreted and re-launched for 2010 showcasing the cream of Steve Helstrip’s biggest club hits! Including tracks such as ‘Affinity’, ‘Sublime’, ‘Circa Forever’ and the legendary trance anthem ‘Synaesthesia’ – all reworked and remixed in real time live on stage. Live Xtreme is further charged by ‘on-the-fly’ mash-ups integrating lightning loop interludes sampling the biggest moments from the largest tunes featured in The Thrillseekers DJ sets. Creating a wall of sound that will provide California with an experience it’s simply never had before. Using state-of-the-art live performance software and a plethora of visually striking, on-stage gadgetry, combined with exclusive, sychronized visuals – the show really takes live performance to an entirely new level!

Sounds pretty cool, you have to appreciate live performances because they take things up a notch from the traditional DJ set. Creativity on-the-fly is something live musicians should be good at, and I wish more dance music DJs would utilize this more. The tracklist itself is loaded with classics as well as recent hits from Steve. Of course nobody should forget Synaesthesia, and The Last Time is definitely one of my favorite Thrillseekers songs. The following is the hour-long set recorded from that night, which was broadcasted about 2 weeks ago on Steve’s Nightmusic podcast.

The Thrillseekers – Nightmusic Podcast 026 (Live from Skills’ etdLove 2010)
01 Hydra – Affinity (Thrillseekers Live Xtreme Intro)
02 Ferry Corsten vs. The Thrillseekers – Sublime (Live Xtreme Mix)
03 Chicane – Poppiholla (The Thrillseekers Live Xtreme Remix)
04 The Thrillseekers – New Life (Live Xtreme Mix)
05 The Thrillseekers ft Fisher The Last Time (Live Xtreme Edit)
06 Rapid Eye – Circa Forever (Live Xtreme Mix)
07 The Thrillseekers – City of Angels (Live Xtreme Edit)
08 The Thrillseekers – Savanna (Live Xtreme Edit)
09 Insigma – Open Our Eyes (Live Xtreme Mix)
10 The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia (Live Xtreme Mix)

Here’s some behind the scenes look at what went into the show:

Here’s some footage from that night:

If you are interested, Steve runs his own little forum where he answers questions about his music, DJing, and producing in general.