Damn, I can’t believe the month of September has flown by so quickly. September 22 was the first day of the Autumn season for this year, which now means that nights will come earlier, leaves will start changing their colors, and Halloween is just around the corner. To celebrate this changing of the seasons, Anjunabeats has released an Autumn mix comprised of Anjuna hits released this year. Most of these songs have been out for a while now, but they all have similar themes in style. They all have a warm sound to them, with smooth melodies and relaxed basslines. Even though they are outdated, all of the songs are pretty solid and they flow very well together which makes this a nicely arranged compilation. If I were driving through the redwood forests of Northern California on a peaceful day, this CD would be a prime choice for listening selection. I have uploaded the CD in one continuous DJ mix. The track order is different in the mix than on the CD, although all the tracks are still there.

Anjunabeats Autumn Collection 02

01 Velvetine – Safe Wherever You Are (Original Mix)
02 Super8 & Tab Feat Anton Sonin – Black Is The New Yellow (Original Mix)
03 Arty – Rush (Dan Stone Remix)
04 Mat Zo – The Lost (Original Mix)
05 Bart Claessen – Elf (2001 Returning Mix)
06 Mike Shiver & Aruna – Everywhere You Are (Original Mix)
07 Cold Blue – Orient Sun (Original Mix)
08 7 Skies – Caffeine (Genix Remix)
09 Daniel Kandi – Venice Beach (Original Mix)
10 Super8 & Tab Feat Jan Burton – Mercy (7 Skies Remix)
11 Jer Martin – Ten Minutes To Midnight (Original Club Mix)
12 Nitrous Oxide – Dreamcatcher (Club Mix)