Dance music from the 90’s  is significantly different from dance music today with respect to the way it’s produced, labeled, and marketed. Back then, a lot of the styles we currently use to define today’s music didn’t even exist. To my ears, a lot of the genres from the past kind of sound the same, with little variation amongst techno, trance, and house music. Nowadays each category has its own pretty well defined characteristics, but a couple of decades ago they sort of all blended into each other into without any complaints. 1994 was the year that Dave Clarke’s career started to take off. As an up and coming English techno producer/DJ, Dave Clarke started his career writing reviews for EDM magazines in the 80’s. As he became more exposed to the scene and put in his hours, his experiences helped him launch his career as The Baron of Techno. As with most producers back then, Dave was mixing multiple genres together and creating wizard-like sets which were very innovative. Here is something he put together in 1994, which conveys the state of techno at the time. Although Dave is a well-known hater of the current state of trance music, I still feel that his work is worth a listen because all genres of dance music share the same roots, and their similarities can be examined through this influential set.

Dave Clarke – Essential Mix (November 13, 1994)
01 Hercules – “Seven Ways to Jack” (Trax/London)
02 Farley Keith – “Give Your Self To Me” (Trax)
03 Jackmaster Funk (Sanlar)
04 Basic Channel – “Q1.1” (BC)
05 The Dawnmen – “Distortion” (Radikal Fear)
06 Blake Baxters – “Sexuality” (Incognito)
07 Roxy and The Squish Com – “Chocolate & Peanut Butter” (Emotive)
08 DJ Sneak – “Blue Funk EP” (Relief)
09 Tim Harper – “R2D2” (Power)
10 DJ Funk – “Work That Body” (Dance Mania)
11 K Hand – “Global Warning” (Warp)
12 Robert Armani – “Remote Control” (ACV)
13 OST – “Basilir” (Switch)
14 X313 – “Interferon” (Generator)
15 Lionrock – “Packet of Jeff Mills” (deConstruction)
16 Planetary Assault system – “Remix” (Cosmic)
17 Juice 11 – “Acid Thunder” (Juice)
18 3 Phase – “Der Kland Der Fuse” (Novamute)
19 Beltram – “606 Bonus” (Visible)
20 Cybersonik – “Thrash” (Plus
21 Mills – “Repress of Axis 007” (Axis)
22 Millsart – “Step to Enchantment” (Axis)
23 Planetary Assault System – “React Interact” (Peacefrog)
24 X-102 – “Ground Zero” (UR)
25 DJ Hell – “HOTH [D Clarke Mix]” (Disko B)
26 Mike Dearborn – “Move” (Djax)
27 Robert Armani – “Roadtour [D Clarke Mix]” (ACV)
28 Woody McBride – “White Label” (Drop Bass)
29 DJ Hell – “Like That” (Mag North)
30 Acid Rain – “Turbulence” (UR)
31 Kosmik Kommando – “No Info” (white label)
32 Juice 11 – “Flight Path” (Juice)
33 Voyager 8 – “B Side Track 2” (Synewave NY)
34 Beltram – “Flash Cube” (Trax)
35 Roland Casper – “Son of Mono” (Structure)
36 Emanuel Top – “Labotomie” (Novamute)
37 Roland Casper – “Take This” (Mag North)
38 Phuture – “Spank Spank” (Trax)
39 Steve Poindexter – “Bjorn To Freak” (Muzique)
40 Mike DearBorn – “Destruction” (Djax)
41 Phortune – “Can You Feel The Bass” (Hotmix)
42 Blake Baxter – “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” (Logic UK)
43 Red Planet – “Star Dancer” (Red Planet)
44 Fast Eddie – “Acid Thunder” (DJ International)
45 Bam Bam – “Where’s Your Child” (West Brook)

Download the set here