To kick off the start of his world tour, Ferry has released the second edition of his Once Upon A Night compilation album. The first volume was released in March of this year, so it’s only been a short 6 months before Ferry decided to release this one. Ferry did this probably because of two reasons: There was either a high demand for a second album due to the popularity of the first one, or there was an opportunity to make more money by releasing the album simultaneously with the start of his tour . I don’t have a problem with either reason as long as the music is good, and Ferry does keep it fresh with a lot of new tracks. The first disc starts things off chill with tracks by Yuri Kane and Amurai, and Ferry’s new track Festival also makes its way into the first disc. I’m not a fan of the vocal tracks from disc 1, but I do like the Andrew Shartner contribution towards the end. The second disc has more songs that I can really get into, such as new work by Tempo Giusto, Urry Fefelove & Abramasi, ReOrder, and Cataracta. Overall, I think Ferry did a good job introducing all of these new songs, but I think he should have waited more than 6 months between the first and second volumes. A compilation is only as good as the individual tracks that it is comprised of, and the quality of the songs from this album is decent at best. Even though the tracklist could have been better, it’s always nice to hear some new tunes and this album is a good way of doing so. Check it out below…

Ferry Corsten – Once Upon A Night vol. 2

Disc 1
01. Dimension – Once A Day (Original Mix)
02. Yuri Kane feat. Melissa Loretta – Daylight (Original Mix)
03. Amurai – Angel Cry (Original Mix)
04. Low End Theory – Changing Souls (Extended Mix)
05. Ferry Corsten pres. Pulse – Festival (Original Mix)
06. San feat. Polished – Lose It All (Ibiza Sunrise Mix)
07. BT feat Rob Dickinson- Always (Chicane Mix)
08. Mistigris – Sunshine (Original Mix)
09. Peter Santos – Mystic (Original Mix)
10. Audien – Mind Over Matter (Original Mix)
11. Danjo & Andrew Shartner – It Is Written (Andrew Shartner Mix)
12. M.O.O.N. Pro – To The Moon (Original Mix)
13. Niko Pavlidis – Long Roads (Original Mix)

Disc 2
01. Amurai feat. Rough Duchess – Infinity (Original Mix)
02. Thomas Datt pres. D.A.T.T. – Eden’s Light (Original Mix)
03. DJ Ange – Halicarnassus (Progressive Mix)
04. Mike Saint-Jules – Luna (Original Mix)
05. Rafaël Frost – We Were (Original Mix)
06. Pulser pres. Luminal – Sunstorm (Original Mix)
07. Daniel Wanrooy – Endless Moments (Original Mix)
08. Tempo Giusto & Ima’gin – The Whip (Original Mix)
09. Klauss Goulart – Maximum (Original Mix)
10. Urry Fefelove & Abramasi – Stay On The Way (Original Mix)
11. ReOrder – Angels (Original Mix)
12. Breakfast – The Horizon (Juventa Remix)
13. Cataracta – Prime Meridian (Original Mix)