I thought it would be fitting to share another Paul van Dyk set since I posted one earlier this week. I guess I have been in a PvD kind-of mood, but it’s hard not to be especially when you listen to some of his older stuff. This set comes from the turn of the millennium, with Paul performing at Mayday 2000 in Berlin, Germany. In most parts of the world, May Day is the international worker’s day, or labor day celebration, where people take the day off and find different ways to amuse themselves. Luckily for the people of Berlin, Paul put on a nice little show filled with great dance music. Check out his set below…

Paul van Dyk – Live @ Mayday Culture Flash 2000, Berlin DE
01 BT – Sequences (White Label)
02 En Motion – Truth (Pulser Remix)
03 DJ Remy – Cousteau (Taste Rec)
04 John Rees vs. Helios – Beta Blocker (Mindworx)
05 Da Rude – Sandstorm (Urban)
06 Des Mitchell – Welcome to The Dance (Vandit)
07 PVD – For an Angel (E-werk Club Mix)
08 VDM – Deflection EP Part1 (Combined Forces)
09 Bill Hamel – Expansion (Vandit)
10The Infernal Machine – Realistic (White Label)
11PVD – Columbia  (Vandit)
12 PVD – Tell me Why (Vandit)
13 PVD – Alive (Vandit)

Download the set here