Here is the product of a collaboration between Paul van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, and Armin van Buuren, created to benefit the victims and families of those affected in the 2010 Love Parade incident. Proceeds from this song will go directly to the Association of Non-statutory Welfare in North Rhine-Westphalia Germany. The track will be available exclusively on Beatport, so go grab your copy when it is released tomorrow. The song itself is ok, but it is the message and the concept of it which is important. It is a shame what happened at this year’s event, and from what I hear the annual dance celebration will no longer be continued. The world’s largest free dance event which symbolized love and peace has been tragically crushed forever, and all we have left to remember it by is this song. Pretty bad deal huh? The dance music scene has been getting a lot of crap lately (especially here in California), I really hope there’s some better publicity coming in the near future while the scene improves its reputation… RIP to those who passed.