In a move eerily similar to that of Vandit’s, Paul Oakenfold’s UK record label Perfecto has joined forces with the Armada conglomerate. That’s three major labels (including Future Sound of Egypt) which Armada has absorbed into its giant belly in 2010. Armada is now pushing some serious weight with the majority of the trance market cornered, and its reach has no end in sight. I can understand why these smaller labels want to merge with the big boys, and that reason is simple. Sales are down and they need more exposure. Perfecto tracks have been flying under the radar, and while this is bad for the profit mongers, I actually think this preserves some of the uniqueness of the releases. When tracks get published on Armada, they receive a lot of attention and this usually results in higher sales volumes. On the downside, these tracks get played out faster at a higher frequency. It’s sort of a win-lose situation, but I am curious to see what the scene will be like 10 years from now. Without smaller labels putting out their own releases, will there be only a few major labels in control? In business, large corporations usually remain inert with little to no innovation due to their large sizes and lack of focus. It would be sad to see creative levels drop as multiple styles of trance merge into each other. Unfortunately money always seems to trump individual freedom/creativity, so we’ll see what happens. Here is the excerpt taken from the Armada website:

Perfecto Records, the UK record label of Paul Oakenfold, has joined forces with Armada Music.

Perfecto was set up by UK producer/DJ Paul Oakenfold in 1989, as the young dance movement was just coming up in Europe.  Aim of the label was to find new talent and encourage them, rather than pressuring them to produce for commercial purposes. Oakenfold, who was nominated for a ‘Best Electronic/Dance Album’ Grammy twice and whose 2004 mix album ‘Another World’ has turned into one of the biggest selling dance albums of all time, felt it was the right time to start a collaboration with Armada Music. Paul:”I’m really happy to be involved in this joint venture with Armada. I think they are one of the most cutting edge electronic labels out there and I look forward to a fruitful relationship.”

Perfecto Records and Armada Music are both looking forward to working together. The first release after the joint venture will be the new Paul Oakenfold single, ‘Firefly’, a collaboration with UK singer Matt Goss, who used to be the lead singer of 80’s pop group Bros. (‘When Will I Be Famous’). Following ‘Firefly’, are releases by Robert Vadney and Kenneth Thomas, as well as a Perfecto Mix Compilation and Perfecto Classics album.

See the official news release here