Hmm.. I don’t believe I have ever posted anything about DJ Scot Project on this website, so here is his debut. Ever since I heard his single Overdrive, I have been drawn to his music like a Korean guy to Starcraft. Bad example? Sorry if I offended any of you nerds. Anyway, Scot Project will always be the godfather of hard-trance to me. His signature hard-ass kick drums and melodic breakdowns will always have a place in my evil little heart. I haven’t heard much of his new stuff, but I hope he is maintaining his musical style and charisma. I also wish that he would bring his German ass out here to Cali again so I can check out his live mixing. Hard trance seems to have gotten lost amongst today’s popular dance genres, but if anyone can keep it alive, it would be Scot Project. Here is a set from back in 2002, which I believe is about when he started gaining popularity worldwide. Almost every song on here is great, so be prepared for some high energy goodness.

DJ Scot Project – Live In The Mix @ Sunshine Live Pickup (27-05-2002)

01. Arome – Hands Up(DJ Scot Project Remix)
02. Yoji Biomehanika – Ding A Ling (DJ Scot Project Remix)
03. DJ Spoke – Ignition (Original Mix)
04. Kyau Vs. Albert – Save Me (Derb Remix)
05. Space Frog Ft. The Grim Reaper – Follow Me 2002 (Derb Remix)
06. DJ Scot Project – Y (How Deep is your Love) (Space Frog Remix)
07. CJ Bolland – The Prophet
08. Solo Plastic – No Request (Original Mix)
09. Warmduscher – Hardcore Will Never Die (Kaylab Remix)
10. DJ Rush – Get On Up (Umek Remix)
11. Dariush – Ira (Original Mix)
12. DJ Bismark – Erk (Trance Form)
13. Arome – Hands Up (Original Mix)
14. Plastic Boy – Silver Bath

Download the set