Happy Monday everyone, here is little something I put together this past weekend. I decided to create a full-on, euphoric trance mix because I haven’t done something like this in a while, and also because I had a bunch of great uplifting tracks saved up. The energy is pretty high, as I kept the tempo up at 137-140bpm throughout the entire mix. This collection of tunes is probably not for everyone, but if you like beautiful melodies with strong breakdowns, you will certainly enjoy this. I realize that in the current state of trance there has been sort of a backlash against these supersaw tunes with typical song structures and predictable elements, but I still enjoy this type of music because there’s no better way to show off a sick melody. It’s not really meant for dancing, but it is great for listening. If you glance through this tracklist, you will notice big names such as Andy Blueman, Sebastian Brandt, Aly & Fila, Akesson, and Onova, all of who are great at making melodic trance. The theme of this mix is Liftoff, due to the uplifting nature of these tracks. The total length is just a hair under 80 minutes, so you can download it and burn it onto a CD. Hopefully this raises some hairs off your skin, take a listen below…

Yeyo – Liftoff vol. 1

01 Andy Blueman – Florescence (Intro Mix)
02 David Newsum – The Demon Inside (Original Mix)
03 Arctic Moon – True Romance (Original Mix)
04 Ron Malakai – Emerald Valley (Original Mix)
05 Rebecca Saforia – Palingenesis (Fast Distance Remix)
06 Onova – Timotej (Original Mix)
07 Suncatcher – Good Times (Thomas Coastline Dub Mix)
08 Aly & Fila vs. Bjorn Akesson – Perfect Red (Original Mix)
09 Max Angel – Remember Tomorrow (Claudia Cazacu Remix)
10 Dave202 – Arrival (Sebastian Brandt Remix)
11 Krazy Sandi – Insanity (Arctic Moon Remix)
12 Simon Patterson – New Life (Original Mix)
13 Activa vs. Revolution 9 – The Fall (John Askew Remix)
14 Aly & Fila – Breeze feat. Jass (Original Mix)

Download from here