Damn, Dash Berlin’s album covers are so ridiculously whack that I can’t post any of them on here, so instead you get to see a picture of the frontman, Jeffrey Sutorius, behind the decks. Dash Berlin’s debut album The New Daylight was released last year in 2009 on Armada Records, and it contained a lot of popular vocal tracks which received a lot of remixing. Here is the follow up album which includes one remix for every track on the CD. There are a couple of older ones featured in this album, such as Nic Chagall’s Man on the Run, First State’s version of Waiting, and the extremely played out JvD remix of Never Cry Again, but there are also a few previously unreleased remixes. I like what Arctic Moon has been putting out lately, so his remix of Till the Sky Falls Down is one of the shining points of this album. Cressida, Sied van Riel, Paul Trainer, and Josh Gabriel produced some of the newer remixes, so make sure you check out their tracks first. Overall, I think Dash Berlin’s work is a little bit fluffy and at times the lyrics do get a bit cheesy, but that’s what these remix albums are for… to provide new styles of the same songs for people with different tastes.

Dash Berlin – Till the Sky Falls Down (Arctic Moon Remix)

Dash Berlin – Man on the Run (Nic Chagall Remix)

Dash Berlin – Wired feat. Susanna (Dash Berlin 4am Remix)

Dash Berlin – Waiting (First State Remix)

Dash Berlin – Never Cry Again (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)

Dash Berlin – To Be the One feat. Idaho (Cressida Remix)

Dash Berlin – End of Silence feat. Rowald Steyn and Nina Deli(Josh Gabriel Remix)

Dash Berlin – The Night Time (Timo Juuti Remix)

Dash Berlin – Renegade feat. DJ Remy (Sied van Riel Remix)

Dash Berlin – Janeiro feat. Solid Sessions (Signum Remix)

Dash Berlin – Feel U Here (Paul Trainer Remix)

Dash Berlin – The New Daylight (PAFF presents Casper Sky Remix)