Ahh, gotta love these essential mixes. There’s a reason why I keep posting these as throwbacks, and it’s because they are very representative of what DJs were all about at that moment in time. In 2005, Eddie Halliwell’s career was well on the rise as he held residencies at Gatecrasher, Goodgreef, and BBC’s own Radio 1. His sets are always full of energy, and if you have ever seen him live then you know the great extent of his skills. His mixing, editing, and technical knowledge are all off the charts, so his work behind the decks is phenomenal. Currently he spins a lot of techy tunes, but he has begun to incorporate some house as well as electro into his mixes. Personally I prefer his style from earlier this decade when he was playing nothing but techno and harder trance. Check out the mix below to see what I mean…

Eddie Halliwell – Radio 1 Essential Mix (February 13, 2005)

01 Quartz – ‘Techno In E Minor’ (Ascend)
02 Cari Lekebusch – ‘Exed Out’ (Tortured)
03 String Theory – ‘Swarm’ [Hornet Remix] (Intec)
04 Valentineo Kanzyani – ‘La Sala Loca’ (Re-Loop)
05 Umek – ‘The Ruler Allows Mischief’ (Phont Music)
06 Cirez D – ‘Control Freak’ (Mouseville)
07 Len Faki – ‘Figure 1.3’ (Figure)
08 Ramon Tapia – ‘The Land Of The Drum’ (Pocket)
09 Anderson Noise – ‘Play Back’ [Stanny Franssen Mix] (Noise Music)
10 Hertz – ‘Julia’ (Sway)
11 Unknown – ‘Unknown’ (White)
12 Cave – ‘The Reptile EP – Elapid’ (Wet Music)
13 Felipe & Nicholas Bacher – ‘Abudante’ (Titan)
14 DJ Electro One – ‘The Latin Bonitas EP – Panama’ (Rhythm Convert)
15 Randy Katana – ‘In-Silence’ (Reset)
16 Beyond Unreal – ‘Rhythm’ (United)
17 Quartz – ‘The Alphabet Q EP – Alphabet Q’ (Zync)
18 Sam Sharp – ‘Deep’ (Spinnin’)
19 Adam Sheridan – ‘Crescendo’ (Tatsumaki)
20 Nu Nrg – ‘Dreamland’ [Brisky & Gareth Emery Mix] (Monster Tunes)
21 Fred Baker & Terry Bones – ‘Introspection’ (Vandit)
22 John Askew – ‘Club Music EP – Blackout’ (Kompressed)
23 The Thrillseekers – ‘Synaesthesia’ [Ferry Corsten Mix] (Adjusted)
24 Cosmic Gate – ‘Bi-Lingual’ (E-Cutz)
25 Unknown – ‘Unknown’ (White)
26 Dark Alliance – ‘Genetic’ (Alphabet City)
27 Max Walder – ‘Destroy The Sound’ (Pitch)
28 Marco Bailey – ‘Lagoon Driver’ (Traction)
29 Unknown – ‘Unknown’ (White)
30 Mojado – ‘El Toro’ (Magik Muzik)
31 John Truelove – ‘Love To Dance’ (Tec)

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