Just read about this… kind of surprised that Paul van Dyk would be in favor of this since he always seemed to like doing things his own way. Recently Armada signed Aly & Fila’s Future Sound of Egypt, and now it has absorbed Paul’s label. You would think that since Vandit has been around longer (since 1998), they would be established enough to avoid something like this, but I guess they just weren’t making enough money. Armada now owns 27 sub-labels, from many different genres, which is nothing short of a conglomerate. Congrats to Armin and his team for their business acquisition, but I hope this doesn’t lead to a drop in quality of music. Trance is already suffering from major monotony, and I am not sure if this will help. Although, Vandit hasn’t really been putting out that much quality anyway, so maybe this will improve things. Here is the official news release from Armada (July 8, 2010):

The summer of 2010 brings us some very exciting news. It is with great honour that we announce the joint venture of Paul van Dyk’s legendary VANDIT Records with Armada Music! With a burgeoning release schedule for 2010 and 2011 already in place, the Berlin-based VANDIT team will remain responsible for the label’s A&R and artist development, as both entities prepare to take the imprint into the next decade.

VANDIT is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary with a series of releases and a worldwide arena tour, being the home base to artists including Paul van Dyk, Filo & Peri, The Thrillseekers, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Kuffdam, Giuseppe Ottaviani and Jon O’Bir. The first major releases after the joint venture will be the ‘VANDIT 10th Anniversary’ compilation, which includes Paul van Dyk’s ‘We Come Together’ single and Filo & Peri’s ‘This Night’.

VANDIT Records was established by renowned German DJ/producer Paul van Dyk in 2000 and has become a go-to label for electronic music fans. The label has released classics including Paul van Dyk’s ‘For An Angel’, Reflekt’s ‘Need To Feel Loved’ and Ralphie B’s ‘Massive’. 100 VANDIT releases and more than 200 tracks of the VANDIT Digital sub-label back catalogue will be exploited by Armada Music. Fans of the VANDIT sound have more than plenty of good stuff to look forward to.

Paul van Dyk, managing  director of VANDIT: “Two power houses of electronic music join forces. The symbiosis of creative power, expertise and market impact by VANDIT and Armada Music will set a new milestone in electronic music”.

Maykel Piron, Managing Director of Armada Music: ”For 10 years, VANDIT has been releasing high quality music. It’s a great honour to continue building up this fantastic brand together with Paul and his team.