Just copped this song today… pretty sweet new track by SvD that reminds me a lot of his older stuff. It’s definitely more trancey as Sander returns to his Sandler/’Turn It Around’ roots. The track isn’t a complete mind-bender, but it’s still of Sander quality which means it’s better than most of the crap being produced out there. I have no idea when this one’s coming out but it will surely be on Doorn Records. Rock on my friends, hope you all have a great weekend!

*edit – Ok, turns out that this isn’t a new song, it is an older demo released under the Sandler alias. Guess I was right about the old school sound because it was made 6 years ago! Too bad it’s not a new one, I would have been very happy to hear Sander return to his older style.

Sandler – Season

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