I’ve been posting a lot of throwback sets lately, so here is an album for this week’s edition. Released in October of 1998, this was only the 4th CD to come out of Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings. As with the rest of the Magik compilations, this one is also mixed and recorded live, so we get a real good taste of Tiesto’s technical skills during this period of time. There are plenty of great tracks in this mix, including I Know, Madagascar, Resurrection, Paloma, and Awakening. Tiesto shows off his production work in the opener Theme From Norefjell, as well as through his joint venture with Ferry Corsten in the epic-trance classic, Gouryella. Additionally, you can hear more of his work under his alias Allure in the track Cruising, and also in the track by the Hammock Brothers (Tiesto and Cor Fijneman). Benno de Goeij (Rank 1) also finds his way onto the album through one of his aliases, Hidden Sound System. Plus, who can forget the self titled Ayla, produced by Ingo Kunzi. As I stated before in my Magik 1 post, the original album-cover was found to have been used illegaly (stolen from Patrick Woodroffe), so the album was re-released in 2000 with a new cover (seen below).

One reason that I love sharing these old school albums is so you can hear what these producers were doing towards the beginning of their careers. If you compare these tracks to what they are making now, I bet you wouldn’t find many similarities. I believe the development of artistic creativity is very important when examining an artist’s career, so it is essential to understand where they came from before you can determine their value today. For Tiesto, while the Magik series isn’t as groundbreaking as his Forbidden Paradise or Lost Treasures mixes, he nevertheless created something wonderful that not many other people could do, thereby cementing his position as a pioneer in the trance community. Check out the very well-mixed third edition of the ground-breaking Magik series…

Magik vol 3: mixed by DJ Tiesto
01 Tiesto – Theme From Norefjell (Magikal Remake)
02 Maracca – Invocation (Original Mix)
03 Dove Beat – Paloma (Ocean Remix)
04 Chicane – Lost You Somewhere (Heliotropic Mix)
05 Alex Whitcombe & Big C – Ice Rain (Solid Sleep’s Cyper Rain Mix)
06 Ayla – Ayla (Original DJ Taucher Mix)
07 Hidden Sound System – I Know (Original Mix)
08 Hammock Brothers – Sea (Original Mix)
09 Dominion – Lost Without You (Zanzibar’s Main Room Mix)
10 Allure – Cruising (Original Mix)
11 Art of Trance – Madagascar (Cygnus X Remix)
12 Tekara – Breathe in You (Tekara’s M&M Dub)
13 Classified Project – Resurrection (Original)
14 Scoop – Wings of Love (Original Club Mix)
15 Gouryella – Gouryella (Magik Version)
16 P.O.B. – Awakening (Quietman Remix)