Here it is folks, the best trance artist-album of the year so far. This thing kicks the shit out of albums by Kaskade, Nitrous Oxide, Susanna, BT, and Moonbeam. Of course not all of these artists’ styles are similar, but I am basing this on the number of quality tracks found on each CD. The only other album released this year which can stand side by side with Markus’ work is the Aly & Fila album. Since the release of the Dakota album Thoughts Become Things last year, Markus has been on a tear, releasing two city compilations (including Las Vegas 2010), visiting hundreds of clubs in different cities, as well as mixing one of the best radio shows in the business. It is pretty amazing to me how he finds the time to do all of this while creating such a great third artist album.

This CD opens up with Alpha State, which is a nice little dream reference to the state of ‘aware-relaxation’ your brain encounters before falling asleep. Similar to alpha waves in your brain, this track is a perfect intro which relaxes your mind, stimulates your imagination, and prepares you for dreaming. The dream progresses with tracks Dark Heart Waiting, The New World, and Do You Dream, which have all received a lot of positive feedback from their singles release.  Eight of the tracks feature vocals from great singers, including the ultra-dreamy Not the Same with Jennifer Rene, and the catchy Away with Sir Adrian. Justine Suissa joins the fun on Markus’ modern take of the 1999 classic Perception by Cass & Slide, and Texan Jessica Riddle accompanies Markus and Max Graham on the album’s farewell track, Goodbye. Fellow Coldharbour artist Khaz also graces the album with his touch on Dark Heart Waiting and Last Man Standing. There are a couple of chill, slower tracks on the album, such as Lightwave and Surreal, as well as some bass-heavy, club bangers in 65.4Hz and Rain. My favorites from this album are tracks 5 and 14, so you should definitely check those two out. There will be at least 3 or 4 more singles from this album, so look out for those in the future as well. Very well done Mr. Coldharbour, you have proven that a complete dance album can be produced which harnesses the creativity found in the human dream.

Here is the album in one continuous track, if you would like the tracks individually, you will have to wait until June 8th for its release on iTunes, or June 15th for its worldwide release (both releases on Armada Records).

Markus Schulz – Do You Dream?
01 Alpha State
02 Away (featuring Sir Adrian)
03 Rain
04 Dark Heart Waiting (featuring Khaz)
05 Not The Same (featuring Jennifer Rene)
06 Do You Dream (Uplifting Vocal Mix)
07 Last Man Standing (featuring Khaz)
08 Surreal (featuring Ana Criado)
09 Unsaid (featuring Susana)
10 Lifted (featuring Angelique Bergere)
11 Perception (featuring Justine Suissa)
12 The New World
13 Lightwave (featuring Angelique Bergere)
14 65.4Hz
15 What Could Have Been
16 Goodbye (with Max Graham featuring Jessica Riddle)