The ROBOT series is back, this time crispier and crunchier than ever. As with the last 3 editions, this one is chock-full of techy tunes and bouncy beats. I have been under the influence of Mr. Schulz ever since last weekend, and his work has seduced me into creating this mix. Inspirations aside, I tried to keep this tracklist fresh by including songs all released within the past few months (except for the last one). I open up the set slow with a new one by Nic Chagall and then build things up with some groovy beats in Cowabunga and Red Light District. There’s a nice vocal track from Smart Apes, a four person team from Ukraine, as well as another hard-hitting vocal track remixed by Mike Koglin. For those of you cock-a-roaches who enjoyed the movie Scarface, I’m sure you will appreciate track number 8. The mix follows with smooth tunes by Skytech and Norin & Rad, and then it gets funky with a sick beat by Genix. Ben Gold and Claudia Cazacu also make their way into the mix with new tracks of their own, as well as a great Phynn remix of a Rex Mundi track.  Finally, the last two songs turn the energy up, which is my favorite way to end a set. The mix is just a shade under 80 minutes, so it’s perfect for downloading and burning to a CD. Hope you enjoy these tunes below:

Yeyo – Robot Music vol. 4

01 Nic Chagall – Morning Light (Remix)
02 DJ Observer, Daniel Heatcliff – Cowabunga (Original Mix)
03 Tomcraft, Jerome Isma-Ae – Trouble In The Red Light District (Original Mix)
04 Smart Apes – One Day You Won’t See the Sunrise (Original Mix)
05 Intersonic – Lifetime (Jochen Miller Dub Edit)
06 Borderline – Obsession (Original Mix)
07 MaRLo – Capture ft. EM (Mike Koglin Remix)
08 Mike S – Scarface (Original Mix)
09 M6 – The Flow (Skytech Remix)
10 Norin & Rad – Always a New Day (Original Mix)
11 Ben Nicky – Legacy feat. Rob Leccese (Genix Remix)
12 Ben Gold – Sapphire (Main Mix)
13 Claudia Cazacu – Quatrain 3 (Original Mix)
14 Rex Mundi – Opera of Northern Ocean (Phynn Remix)
15 John Askew – Black Out (Simon Patterson Remix)
16 Paul Webster pres. JPW – Engaged (Original Mix)

Download here.

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