Here’s a set from Nic and Bossi from Trance Energy in 2003. This party also featured artists such as Johan Gielen, Joop, Gygnus X, Tomcraft, Kai Tracid, and Creamteam, but I believe this Cosmic Gate set was the best. It’s hard to believe that some of these songs are so old already, especially since I still occasionally listen to some of them today. There’s actually a new version of Airport, produced this year by Randy Katana. Tunes by Scot Project are always nice, especially when they’re played loud in a big room. Legacy will always be a classic to me, and the same goes for Geilomat. This old school CG style sure carries a lot more energy compared to their new style, but it just goes to show you how much trance has changed within the past decade. Hearing the crowd reaction to The Truth is nothing short of amazing; the crowd must have felt the same way I did when I heard them spin Exploration of Space. Relive the excitement of Trance Energy 2003 with the set below.

Cosmic Gate @ Trance Energy 2003 (Utrecht, Netherlands)
00 Intro
01 Armani and Ghost – Airport (Essential DJ Team Remix)
02 DJ Scot Project – R (The Rock)
03 Saltwater – The Legacy (Alphazone remix)
04 OGP – What If (Original mix)
05 Dave Joy – First Impression (Dave 202 & Phil Green remix)
06 Lambda – Hold On Tight (Nalin and Kane remix)
07 Syntone – Can’t Believe It (Silverblue remix)
08 Cosmic Gate – The Truth (Original mix)
09 The Matrix – Protect the Innocent (Creamteam remix)
10 Geilomatics – Geilomat (S.H.O.K.K. remix)

Download here.