Here’s a set that goes waaaay back all the way to December 13, 1989. I was only 4 years old at the time when house music was thriving at the world famous Hacienda nightclub in Manchester, England. Known as the ‘Madchester’ years, the late 80’s and early 90’s were infused with indie rock, psychedelic rock, and acid house. Fueled by the increasing use of acid and ecstasy, this ‘Second Summer of Love’ placed the Hacienda at the forefront of the movement. As you listen to this set, you can hear elements of acid house, balaeric house, and hip-house (hip-hop with house) combined together. I believe this is a significant event because it marks the beginning of Sasha’s career; the Hacienda is where he studied EDM, learned how to beat-match, and learned how to mix by key. This club is nothing short of legendary, it was labeled the most famous club in the world up until its closure in 1997. Listen to a piece of history below…

Sasha @ The Hacienda, December 13, 1989
01 Doug Lazy – Let The Rhythm Pump
02 MC Buzz B – How Sleep The Brave
03 KC Flight – Planet E
04 Toni Scott – Thats How Im Living
05 Armando – 100% of Dissin You
06 Wood Allen – Airport 89
07 Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom
08 Bizz-Nizz – Dont Miss The Party Line
09 DJ Atomico Herbie – Amour Suave (Remix)
10 Young MC – Know How
11 Phuture Pfantasy Club – Slam
12 Concrete Beat – Thats Not the Way to Do it
13 KLF – What Time Is Love
14 Rhythm Device – Acid Rock
15 FPI Project – Rich In Paradise
16 Jazz & The Brothers Grimm – Casanova
17 Musto & bones – Just as long as I got you I got love
18 Stone Roses – Fools Gold
19 Guru Josh – Infinity
20 49ers – Touch Me
21 The Machenzie – Party People
22 Reese – Rock to the Beat
23 Kid n Play – 2 Hype
24 Gino latino – Welcome
25 Raul Orellana – The Real wild House
26 Julian jumpin Perez – Stand by Me ( valentino ) sounds like Kraze – The Party
27 Sueno Latino – Sueno Latino (cutmaster g mix)

Download here.