The Passport series is something Ferry started in 2005, but unfortunately only reached 2 editions, as this USA release in 2007 was the only other album produced. Many of the songs are from his Flashover label, so there isn’t too much diversity in the track selection (compared to the first Passport: Kingdom of the Netherlands). However, Ferry does succeed in mixing light progressive elements with trance in this album, which is a little different than his electro-trance style at that time. The mix flows well, although there aren’t any special edits or anything fancy like that. I get nostalgic listening to this album, especially when Late Summer Fields, Megashira, Worlds, and Beauty Hides In The Deep comes on. The last 4 songs of this album close out the mix beautifully, and a nice, updated Flashover version of Insolation also found its way into the mix.  This release also came with a DVD, which chronicled Ferry’s 2006 tour across America. The documentary itself is pretty bare, but there is also an additional music video for Junk in there. I doubt this series will be continued after such a long hiatus, but who knows what Ferry has up his sleeves. For now, check out what Ferry spinning back in 2006/2007.

Ferry Corsten – Passport: United States of America
01 Poison Pro – Say Hello (Original Mix)
02 The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides In The Deep
03 Solarstone – Late Summer Fields (Deeper Sunrise Mix)
04 Wippenberg – Promisedland (Nic Chagall Remix)
05 Summer Sessions ft. Tiff Lacey – By My Side (Signalrunners Fierce Mix)
06 Mind One – Hurt Of Intention
07 Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert – Megashira (Original Mix)
08 Ferry Corsten – Beautiful (Original)
09 Rafaël Frost – Worlds
10 FKN feat. Jahala – Why? (Original Mix)
11 System F – Insolation (Ferry Corsten Flashover Remix)
12 Ronnie Allstar – Good Morning Sunshine (Original Mix)
13 JPL – Mirakel (Supüer Mix)
14 Breakfast – The Sunlight (Original Mix)
15 Lemon & Einar K – Hope (Original Mix)

As a tribute to Guru, one of the greatest lyricists in hip-hop history, here is the official Junk music video. Although I wouldn’t consider his best work, it was a very interesting collaboration and I am glad both artists agreed to try something like this. May you rest in peace Guru…