Here is the 6th solo album produced by Ryan Raddon, aka Kaskade, released by Ultra Records at the beginning of this month. Now, normally Kaskade productions aren’t my cup of tea, but I thought I’d share with you some tracks from his new album, Dynasty. After listening through most of his work for the past 5 or 6 years, I have pigeonholed Kaskade into the genre of ‘girly dance music’, and this label has stuck with him throughout his career. This album is nothing new, as all 12 tracks contain female vocals. The music is a chill, down-tempo style of house which is nice for loungin’ to. Just to set things straight, my stereotype of girly music doesn’t necessarily hold a negative connotation, it’s just a style that I believe girls would enjoy listening to more. A lot of his songs are vocal heavy, and while I did enjoy his collaborations with Deadmau5, I do find most of the tracks on his solo albums to be kinda cheesy.

Many of the songs on this album were written by John Hancock, who along with Kaskade, Becky Williams, and Finn Bjarnson, form the group Late Night Alumni. There is even a Late Night Alumni song that some of you may have heard of, titled Empty Streets, which can be found on this album (it was featured on Tiesto’s In Search of Sunrise 5). I do see a lot of commercial value due to the heavy usage of vocals; by adding words to his music, Kaskade exposes his work to a larger audience, some of whom probably aren’t too familiar with dance music. One thing that I have noticed about Kaskade’s work is that even though he insists on producing tracks with vocals in it, the music is constantly getting better. The level of production on his last two albums have significantly improved from his previous releases. Although I greatly respect what he does on the tables, this album probably won’t get many more listens from me (unless a remix album comes out). However, if you like his style and what he has done previously, then you will probably love this new release.

Kaskade – Start Again feat. Becky Jean Williams
I really like Becky’s voice and it thoroughly shines in this one. This is probably my favorite new track off this album.

Kaskade – Don’t Stop Dancing (with EDX feat. Haley)
Here’s a chill song that I can hear being played at a lounge. Haley Gibby, who also works with Ryan and Finn in Summer of Space, was also featured on the hit I Remember with Ryan and Deadmau5.

Kaskade – Dynasty feat. Haley
This is the title song from the album, again featuring Haley Gibby. She also has a great voice, as Kaskade surely knows how to choose his vocalists.

Kaskade – Only You (with Tiesto feat. Haley)
Kaskade receives some production help on this one from Tiesto, who also co-wrote the song.

Kaskade – Empty Streets feat. Becky Jean Williams
This song original came out in 2005, released under Late Night Alumni’s first album, titled Empty Streets. LNA recently came out with a new album, which was published in November of last year. If you like this particular type of music, I highly suggest you check it out. It’s titled: Of Birds, Bees, Butterflies, etc.