For this week’s throwback, I have uploaded an album from 2001, mixed by Christopher Lawrence. For those of you who are unfamiliar with him, CLaw is arguably one of the best American DJs around. As a fellow California resident, I am happy he has achieved the level of success he has reached.  This album was released on Moonshine Music, which is also based in Hollywood, California. As a pioneer of hard/psy trance in America, he has done a lot for the scene while staying true to his musical style, which is best described as never cheesy. Like most of his sets, this album contains a lot of heavy, darker tracks, which is a nice change in style from what I have been posting up recently. Take a trip into space and listen below…

Christopher Lawrence – United States of Trance (2001)
01Prizm & Eclipse- Genesis
02 Silk- AM-Pacfic
03 Skynet UK- Holdin On
04 Hear-O- Now Hear This
05 Twister 2- Twisted
06 Christopher Lawrence- Cruise Control
07 Captain & Max Alien Thing- Purple Overdose
08 Manhattan- Psychomanteus
09 CL McSpadden- Barracuda
10 Dy Merlyn- Wales
11 Technocat 2000- Trauma
12 Kodansha- The Longer Now

Here is a bonus track… this is the music video for CLaw’s Freefall featuring Camille Kramer. The video footage was shot at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in 2006. I thought I’d share this because this year’s EDC is coming up soon!