Here is a current favorite of mine, Arty. I’ve been diggin almost everything this little guy has been putting out, especially his remixes. I don’t know too much about him, except that he’s from Russia and he has released a lot of tracks on Enhanced. His style is very melodic, and all his beats are chilled to a smooth bounce. The mood that he creates with his music is always upbeat and happy, which I assume is because he writes all his tunes using major chords and their intervals, with little use of diminished or augmented chords. I am expecting great things from this guy, so don’t be surprised if you see his name appear in a lot of mixes. He has already been featured on most radioshows, as his tracks have great audible value. He looks pretty young, so he has a very promising career ahead of him. Keep up the good work Arty!

Reverse – Absolute Reality (Arty Remix)
I have been a fan of Reverse (California trance!) since they released Distant Destiny last year, but the original version of this new release falls short of their previous work. It’s okay though, because Arty saves the day on the remix. Hearing Armin open with this song in New York made my night.

Tritonal – Utopia (Arty Remix)
Here’s another great remix, this time on a Tritonal track. It seems like most of his stuff has been released on Enhanced Recordings, so maybe he will sign with them soon.

Carlos Almeida – Fat Yet Horny (Arty Remix)
Gotta love the title for this one. Who doesn’t get horny?

Ferry Tayle, Static Blue – Trapeze (Arty Remix)
Here is yet another wonderful track from Enhanced. The original version and the Daniel Kandi remix are also great ones, and the Arty remixes complete the single.

Michael Angelo & Solo – Alone feat. Denise Rivera (Arty Remix)
Here is Arty doing work on a vocal track. It sounds similar to the Carlos Almeida track, but that’s a good thing.

Alpha 9 – Bliss

Alpha 9 is one of Arty’s aliases. This one received a lot of attention from the likes of Above & Beyond, Armin, Ferry, Paul van Dyk, and Tiesto.

Arty- Vanilla Sky

This is one of his earlier singles, released last year. This track was awarded a 5/5 rating in a review from DJ Mag.

Arty – Absynthe

Here is one that sounds a little bit different, with a more techy feel to it. This was the opening track of Sensation White 2009.