Originally released in 1997, this album was a milestone for Tijs Verwest, better known as DJ Tiesto. This CD was made towards the start of Tiesto’s Black Hole Recordings, and it was one of the earliest live-turntable mixes that was published to a CD. The release pretty much jump started Tiesto’s commercial career as a DJ and it eventually led to 6 more volumes in the Magik series as well as the newer In Search of Sunrise compilations and the upcoming New Dawn series. Keep in mind that this mix was made before Tiesto’s first artist album, In My Memory, so many of his mainstream hits had not even been produced yet. Tiesto received production credit for four of the songs on the album, Never Enough, When She Left, Chapter Two, and Long Way Home. An interesting story about the first four Magik installments  is that the original album artwork was found to have been used illegaly. This was not noticed until 2000 when the compilation series received more fame worldwide, and artist Patrick Woodroffe’s work was replaced with more boring, new album covers (the album cover on the left is the replacement one). There aren’t a lot of big buildups in this CD, but the mixing is fast and the energy is nice. Take a step back in time and relive the trance scene from the late 90’s…

Magik vol. 1- First Flight by DJ Tiesto
01. Sunday Club – Healing Dream
02. Lock – Into The Sun
03. Clear View – Never Enough
04. Channel Tribe – Program 1
05. Jake & Jesse – Low Turbulence
06. Mockba – Shell Shock
07. Allure – When She Left
08. Mac Zimms – L’Annonce Des Couleurs
09. Stray Dog – Chapter Two [Southsquare Mix]
10. The Voyager – Back On Earth
11. DJ Tiësto – Long Way Home
12. Silent Breed – Sync In
13. Club Quake – Vicious Circle
14. Viper 2 – Titty Twister
15. Qattara – The Truth [Coufsat Mix]
16. Sakin – Blue Sky