It has been way, way, wayyyy too long since the Manjob released a mix! Since he has failed to name his latest work, I have decided to maintain the dirty, vulgar titles he has used in the past. It’s sort of like a tradition I guess… it wouldn’t be Manjob approved without the filthy headline. This one actually isn’t that bad, you should hear some of his past epithets. Anyway, inside jokes aside, here is the long-awaited mix by my friend Manny. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I can already tell you it’s a good one!

Manjob’s Mangina Sessions vol. 1
1)Ashley Wallbridge-Chimera (Intro Mix)
2)Anton Sonin &Amx feat. Sari- Never Go (Poshout Club Mix)
3)Stevie Cripps- Solarize (A State of Mind Remix)
4)W&W- D.N.A. (Sean Tyas Remix)
5)Rafael Frost- Flashback (Original Mix)
6)Josh Gallahan-1st Strike
7)Oliver P- Philadelphia
8)Rapha and Reminder- Beyond the Clouds(Daniel Kandi’s 147 Club Mix)
9)Arctic Moon-Afterworld (Dimension Remix)
10)Marlo feat EM-Capture (Mike Koglin Remix)
11)Rebecca Saforia- Palingenesis (Fast Distance Remix)

Download here.