A homie of mine has started a new mix compilation… here is a brief description of what is to come:

Happiness is a warm… FuturePop! Presenting the latest and greatest in ear intruding technology, this mix does what no other mix can do. This exiled producer/Deejay once stole a mixer from a dreary Hollywood trance club, and then got taken down via cattle-prod and 7 obese bouncers. Some say that he’s wanted by the CIA, while others claim that he once 1-inch-punched a horse to the ground… all we truly know is his identity: JP…  and he has mixed a tasty set and all the planets did align. 
Episode 001
Starkillers – Cantina
Tony Cha Cha – My Friend (futurepop edit)
Niels Van Gogh And Voltaxx – All Bitches
Afrojack and Bobby Burns – Ghettoblaster (futurepop_re-edit)
Afrojack – Pacha On Acid
Evgeny Bardyuzha – Bass Surfer
Sied van Riel – 12hz (futurepop riel cut)
Avsr Pres Mms Project – Sunrise
Ken Loi – Borneo (Yuan mix)
Cosmic Gate – Barra (Extended mix)
7 skies – Caffeine (Genix remix)
Stephty – Lost In Your Lies (store n forward vs. futurepop party remix)
Heatbeat – Mr. Walrus (Genix remix)
Davies Oh – Green Heart
Tempo Giusto and Imagin – Snitch
Simon Gain – Blackout (Andy Cartmann Remix)
Tempo Giusto – Raptor
Gary Proud – Underdog
Van der Vleuten – Meltdown (Original mix)
Riho S – Underwater (Main mix)
David Forbes and William Daniel – Devil’s Theory (futurepop mashup)
Oliver P – Philadelphia
David Forbes – Katsu (DNS Project Whiteglow mix)
Taylor and Close – Mr. Hitchman
Guy Mearns – Another Agenda
Solarstone – The Calling (Ram remix)

Download here.