In an attempt to make myself post more often, I will start a weekly series called Throwback Thursdays where I will post up some old school favorites of mine. This week’s category will be songs from 2007. This is pretty self-explanatory, so I will dive straight ahead into the music…

Alex Connors – Trust (Original Mix)
I remember hearing this on one of Sander’s Identity mixes and then once when he spun it at Vanguard. Funky fresh bassline!

Solee – Impressed (Original Mix)
This is one of my favorite deep tracks. Just listen to the heavy thickness of the track and you will be hooked.

Dubfire – Roadkill (Breakfast Remix)
This song was pretty played out in 2007, along with the 5 or so other version of the song. Still, I thought it was pretty impressive.

Vincent De Moor – Fly Away (Sean Tyas Remix)
Here is a nice one from VDM. The Cosmic Gate remix is equally as nice.

Nenes & Pascal Feliz – Platinum (Tech Mix)
This is a massive tune which cemented my interest in tech-trance.

Mojado – Kaktus (Original Mix)
Here’s an interesting one which doesn’t follow any sort of standards at all. Check out the intriguing setup of the song.