Markus Schulz continues on his inspriring journey to the top with his high quality productions and complete mixes. Back in 2005, he started a worldwide compilation series beginning in Miami. Every year he takes songs representative of that region and puts them into a two disc mix. 2005 began in Miami, and then the series shifted to Ibiza in 06. I don’t think he continued the series in 2007, but that year he did release one of his best albums to date, titled Progression. In 2008 he continued the series in Ibiza, and then in Toronto in 2009. Five years and four countries later, he has finally ended up in Las Vegas. The driving theme behind this series is the club atmosphere in each country, as Markus has tried to create a soundtrack for each location (kinda reminds me of Tiesto’s ISOS series). If you enjoyed the Toronto album as much as I did last year, you will certainly like this new one. One thing that I have noticed about Markus’ work is that he really knows how to build up his sets. I guess it comes with being an opening DJ for such a long time; all that experience warming up for other DJs really gave him the skills he has today. In 2007 when he was spinning at Monster Massive, I thought that his set was good at best (maybe even a little boring), but now I realize that he was just being a good opener to Armin and Judge Jules by keeping the overall intensity down. Now, when I hear him as a closer or when he has his own solo set, he always brings the roof down. Today, as a major headliner, he has definitely found his niche and is exercising his style to the fullest. Markus is a master at constructing sets which start low in intensity (but not low in energy), and then escalate into something very special. Each track flows smoothly into the next and the balance of the two discs is great. If you were lucky enough to hear him spin last year in Vegas, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, make sure you take a trip out there the next time he visits.  He was there at the beginning of this year and I can almost guarantee he will be there in the near future. In any case, you should definitely give this album a listen below. The album is already out on Armada, so go grab your copy today.

Markus Schulz on Vegas… “I don’t think it’s overstating it to say that it’s becoming – or maybe has already become – a new world clubbing Mecca. From the outside looking in, people previously perceived that Las Vegas has been all bright lights, ‘bling, bling’ & lane upon lane of slots. Through leading nights like Rain at Fabulous and Moon at the Palms (to name just two), that’s changing very fast. For people who are seriously minded about music and clubbing, it’s going to become a place they have to say they’ve been. Hedonism has never been in short supply there – it’s why they call it Sin City! Come this new decade it might very well start to put the squeeze on Ibiza

Disc 1
01 Clinch – Rain
02 Torin Schmitt feat. Ryan Merchant – Follow
03 ElSandro – Style Fusion (Jessus Progressivo Mix)
04 Dakota – Chinook (Afterhours Mix)
05 Rex Mundi – Opera Of Northern Ocean
06 Mike Foyle – Blossom
07 Veselin Tasev – Pacific Waves (Evgeny Bardyuzha Remix)
08 Mr. Pit – Simplicity
09 Karanda – On Hold
10 Arnej – Ping Pong
11 Phynn presents Binary Star – The Halo Effect
12 Norin & Rad – Always A New Day
13 Thomas Cresine – Daimyo
14 Anton Firtich feat. Victoria Mazze – Meant To Be Free

Disc 2
01 Dakota – Sin City (Intro Mix)
02 Skytech – Comet
03 Julian Vincent feat. Cathy Burton – Here For Me (Mark Otten Extended Mix)
04 Re-Ward vs Dr Willis – Maaybe (tyDi’s Stadium Mix)
05 David Forbes – Katsu
06 Arnej – They Need Us
07 Max Graham feat. Neev Kennedy – Sun In The Winter
08 Trilucid – Departures (Yuri Kane Remix)
09 Robert Burian feat. Zdenka Predna – You (Club Mix)
10 Mr. Pit – This Room Is Not Big Enough
11 Wilson, Smallwood & Ingram – Koko
12 Ummet Ozcan – Next Phase (Phase 1 Mix)
13 Mike Foyle presents Statica – Deadly Nightshade (Phynn Remix)
14 Beat Service meets Tucandeo feat. Manon Polare – Waiting For The Sun
15 Shogun – Connected