Here is the latest single from Marco V, found on Propoganda 2 under his own label, In Charge . Last year was a busy one for this man as he released Propoganda 2 and embarked on a tour to promote the album. When I saw him a few months back, I was surprised that this short, bald little guy could throw down such mean set! Jokes aside, I have been a Marco fan for quite a while, ever since the release of his 200V album in 2005, and this was the first time I heard him spin live. His sets are equally as enjoyable as his productions, and this latest track fails to diverge from this trend. The song features the vocals of New Yorker Jonathan Mendelsohn, who has a lot of experience with vocal tracks (he is one-half of the production crew Wamdue Project which made King of My Castle).  Recently, you have probably heard him on Nic Chagall’s This Moment. If you haven’t yet, try to check out Marco V’s Propoganda 2 for some more killer beats such as this one.

Marco V – Coming Back (Extended Mix)
Here is the original version released on the studio album. Marco does a great job building up the vocals and matching them with the music.

Marco V – Coming Back (Nic Chagall Remix)
Nic Chagall takes his turn at remixing for one of the best producers in the game, and this remix is pretty good. This version doesn’t hit as hard as the original beat, but it has a more proggy, uplifting feel to it. It sounds similar to This Moment, and I have a feeling they were both produced around the same time.

Marco V – Coming Back (Redub)
This is my favorite version of the song. I believe this song stands fine by itself: no vocals necessary. The beat is my favorite part and the breakdown is pretty sav.