Answer: They are all going to be featured on one track from Three 6 Mafia’s new album, Laws of Power, release date November 10th, 2009. Hahaha, sounds crazy huh? Here is an excerpt from a billboard.com article:

“”Laws of Power” is the follow-up to 2008’s “Last 2 Walk,” which peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard 200. The two lead singles have already been chosen from the set: the mainstream-targeted “Shake My,” a Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins-produced track featuring singer Kalenna from Diddy’s group Dirty Money; and the “gangsta” track, a new version of “Lil Freak (Ugh Ugh Ugh)” which first appeared on Juicy J’s solo album “Hustle Til I Die,” which came out in June. The Memphis duo has also recorded a techno-flavored number called “Feel It,” which was produced by Tiesto and features Flo Rida and Sean Kingston, as well as songs with Kevin Rudolf and Dr. Luke.”

Very interesting choice of work, Tijs. I guess producers (even the overpaid ones) have to make their money somehow right? This collaboration deeply reaffirms in me that anything is possible in the music industry. It also makes me wonder what Three6’s classic, Sippin On Some Syrup would sound like with a nastier beat. I will be anticipating this track to see what happens when Holland meets the dirty south!

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The song has now been released and has hit the charts hard. It is dominating Beatport, and is also doing well on the American charts. The song features Tiesto on the beats, FloRida and Three6 on the rhymes, and Sean Kingston on the chorus. Personally, I think the music is a little generic and the verses are pretty cheesy, but this was to be expected for a major commercial release which spans two very different genres. What I can appreciate, however, is that when this song is played at a top 40 club, it will be introducing some EDM flavor onto the dancefloor. A lot of my friends who don’t listen to EDM are exposed to something that is more listenable to their ears. I would by no means consider this to be trance (it’s more of an electro-house song with rap laid over it), but it is a good try at a crossover track.  Did this collaboration lead to a good song? I would say no, but at least it was a solid attempt. Kudos to Tiesto and Three6 for experimenting this way, and although it might seem like a bad song now, it will eventually be good for the music industry. Check it out for yourself:

Here is the making of the music video, taken off of Tiesto’s Youtube page:

I think it’s pretty funny watching a euro guy trying to blend in with the Three6 crew!