If you have an iPhone or an iPod, I highly suggest you check out Above & Beyond’s new application that keeps you connected with them in every way possible. The application can be downloaded here. The layout itself is pretty sweet; there has 5 main categories to choose from, including pictures, music, videos, feeds, and an option for ‘more’. Lets check out the application through these sections.

Pictures – The picture section is pretty self-explanatory… here you can scope out some pictures of A&B on tour, concert photos, studio pictures, etc.

Music – This section allows you to listen to some of the latest A&B tracks. The quality is good, the tracks are full length, and if you decide that you like the song enough to purchase it, there is also a link for you to do so. The purchase link takes you directly to the iTunes store, where you can buy tracks, albums, or download free Trance Around the World podcasts. There is also a little button for you to share the song, whether it be through a Facebook publish or a Twitter tweet.

Video – This is my favorite part of the application. When you select this category, a long list of videos pops up for you to watch. There is the application tutorial, A Dog With a Smile DVD video, A&B TV episodes, interview videos, live performance videos, fan videos, and official music videos. There is literally hours of video for you to watch, all organized into one list. Now, the videos are all streamed from youtube (you can find all the videos on the A&B Youtube site), but the quality is still great. All the videos are HQ and stream very well onto the iphone/ipod.

Feeds – This function allows you to keep up with the most recent A&B news. There are links to the official A&B Twitter and Flickr accounts, an up to date tour schedule so you can see where they will be spinnin, and also a news utility that informs you with the latest A&B information. I found a lot of interviews in the news section, which was pretty cool. It pretty much has all the essentials for all the hardcore, diehard fans to follow.

More – This is a small little section that includes a very thorough A&B biography, a link to their Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, iMeem, Flickr, Youtube pages, and some credits for the application. The only thing I found useful was the biography, which was fun to read, but pretty much something you can find off of Wikipedia.

This is one of the best applications I have for my iPod. Of course you can find all of the same stuff online, but this application brings it all together into one handy place. The firmware is version 1, but I am sure more added upgrades will lead to further versions down the road. I still haven’t watched all the videos yet, but they’ve all been good so far. I don’t really have much use for the music function because I already have all of their songs (purchased legally of course), but it is definitely a great component for those who aren’t familiar with the A&B sound and would like to be introduced. If you are a true fan of Above & Beyond and Anjuna, you will love this app. If you aren’t acquainted with their work yet, this app will help you out. Quoting Barney, this is the mini-cherry on top of the regular cherry on top of the sundae of awesomeness that is the application… it’s free!

Here is the tutorial video:

Oh yeah, and if you haven’t  seen A Dog With a Smile, you should definitely check out this next video. Awesome shit guys! For those of you who don’t have an iPhone or iPod, you can check out their Youtube channel here.