It’s about time that I wrote something up about my favorite DJ/producer, Mr. Sander Ketelaars, aka Sander van Doorn, Sam Sharp, Sandler, Filterfunk, Frequence, Larsson, and my favorite alias… Purple Haze. This 30 year old has been producing hits and rocking crowds since 2004, and has recently finally received the attention he deserves. The first piece of work I heard from him was Purple Haze-Adrenaline, and I was obsessed ever since. He didn’t exactly help my problem when he unloaded hit after hit, practically forcing me to go hear him spin at Vanguard in 2006. That year was also when he started his monthly mix, the Identity series, which I have been following religiously. In 2008, the release of his first studio album, Supernaturalistic, definitely pushed Sander to the top of the charts. Also in 2008, he was named the best breakthrough DJ at the WMC in Miami, and his career is unmistakably on the fast-track to success. Recently, releases such as Girl You Lost to Cocaine, Bliksem, Peace, Roundabout, Organic, What Say?, Spaceman, Close My Eyes, and the new single Bastillion, have shown that Sander isn’t slowing down and you can expect him to get his shine on for a while.

What makes Sander special is that he works at a hybrid tempo. What I mean by this is that he spins house as well as trance, and the tracks he creates oftentime lie between the normal house and trance bpm. This magical area of around 125-135 bpm is where his genius is displayed. Of course he also makes songs that can be classified under a specific genre, but his creativity is not held down by conventional categorization. Another reason why I consider Sander to be the best is his high level of production. You can tell he puts in the time to make every little sound perfect in his music. If you listen to his stuff,  his dynamic style is constantly evolving and always getting better. His sets also vary in style, as he is not afraid to blend minimal with techno along with tech-house and tech-trance. It is hard to pinpoint a “Sander sound” because he has so many of them, whereas other producers usually have a signature sound (some that come to mind are Gareth Emery, Sean Tyas, and Nitrous Oxide). The only two constants that perpetuate throughout his work are these: quality and awesomeness. Please listen to the following tracks, as I believe they are of his best work.

4 Strings – Take Me Away (Purple Haze Remix)
Here is one of his earlier pieces of work.. a great remix introducing the Purple Haze sound. Chilled out, but done very tastefully.

4 Strings – Turn it Around (SvD Remix)
Another oldie but goodie. The breakdown is hauntingly beautiful, definitely one of my favorite tracks of all time.

Club Scene Investigators – Direct Dizko (SvD Remix)
One of the first songs of his I heard at a club.. beyond any doubt it tore the roof off! Funky fresh waaaay past repair.

The Police – S.O.S. (SvD Mix)
Message in a bottleeeee…… great remix of a Police classic. Even Sting would be proud of this one!

Wamdue Project – King of My Castle (SvD Remix)
There have been a lot of remixes of this song (including one by Armin), but Sander takes the cake on this one. Too bad this song got played out like crazy, but I will always remember it as the first Sander song I heard on an ASOT. Check out the white noise at 3:52… beautiful!

Randy Katana – One Solid Wave (Sam Sharp Remix)
The Sam Sharp sound is wonderful. Straight to the point…it is fast, hard hitting, and full of energy. I am very glad Sander experimented with this type of style.

Sam Sharp – In Deep (original mix)
Tribal, techy, and driven… all great characteristics that define Sam Sharp.

Sander van Doorn – Riff (Evol Waves Remix)
If you haven’t heard of Riff, you must be deaf or something because this song was THE jam of 2007. True, it got played out (another common theme amongst SvD tracks), but what better way to measure success than by having people get sick of your song. Here is the very well done remix by Evol Waves.

Sander van Doorn – By Any Demand (Dope Mix)
Very dope indeed. The original version of this song was dope as hell… this remix is a little more chill but definitely still f.u.n.k.y.

Armin van Buuren – Control Freak (SvD Remix)
I cannot say enough good things about this track. Armin owes Sander a lot of props for injecting life into it. The bassline is wicked, the synths are mesmerizing, and breakdown is extraordinary. Seriously, just listen to it….

Purple Haze – Bliksem (Original Mix)
Sander revived his Purple Haze alias this year with great success. If you compare this track to his old Purple Haze work, you can tell he has not missed a beat.

Of course there are many other tracks and complete sets which I would like to share with you, but I would run out of server space if I tried to do that.  Check out his website for tour info and for his recent DJ sets.