Here are some more tracks:

Dakota – Sin City (Rex Mundi Remix)
This is my favorite version of Sin City, another prodution by Dakota aka Markus Schulz. The Cosmic Gate remix is decent, but this remix has a little bit more energy. I’m glad Rex Mundi extended his talents onto this track, turning a chill song into a banger.

Marcus Schossow – Kaboom
Some new stuff by Marcus Schossow, a 22 year old from Sweden. He has been doing a good job with his Tone Diary mixes as well as pumping out a lot of new stuff. Here’s an interesting story regarding the beef between Marcus and Deadmau5 taken from Wikipedia:

‘In December 2007 Marcus Schossow, Dj Eco and Maor Levi created a project named Deadrat6 as a joke on Deadmau5, claiming his tracks sound alike. A similar faux project was also created under the name of Sinterklaa5. As a counter-move, Deadmau5 created a track under the artist name “Marcus Fatsow”. In the 330th episode of ASOT, Armin van Buuren played the song Deadrat6 – Very Exactly, which is a track made by Marcus Schossow and Maor Levi to joke on Deadmau5’s name. At the beginning of the program Armin said “New tunes coming in the next 2 hours by Deadmau5, and I think he’s got a little brother because we got a tune by Deadrat6 too.” The rivalry between Deadmau5 and Schossow escalated at an event in April 2008 in Oslo, where, according to Marcus Schossow, Deadmau5 refused to play at a club if Marcus Schossow was going to play afterwards. This lead to Marcus Schossow being refused entry and made the night a Deadmau5 solo-event.’

Hahaha, what a funny story. I totally agree with Marcus though, Deadrat’s stuff is good, but it does start to sound the same. At least Marcus Fatsow shows a little bit more creativity when producing his own tracks. Peep Mr. White and Swedish Meatballs for some good examples of his work.

Sied van Riel – Mongoosed
Another tune by Mr. Riel! After his release of MME last year and a great remix of Cosmic Gate’s Not Enough Time, Sied has returned with a new tech bomb picked up by Spinnin records. Check out his radio show, Rielalistic for more of his style. This guy is gonna be doing some great things for trance for a while…

Thomas Brozwaer – Look Ahead
This track was featured in Armin’s yearly ASOT compilation, and was recently released under the same Armada label. This track exudes traits of last year’s Certititude in the bassline and has a killer breakdown. Another great track from a solid producer.

Bobina – Invisible Touch (Ferry Corsten’s Touch Mix)
It seems like every single radio show has been playing this recent hit remixed by Ferry. You can definitely hear some old school Ferry in the melody of this song as well as in the background sounds. I haven’t really heard much from Bobina, but this is some good stuff from Ferry.

Ferry Tayle, Static Blue – L’Acrobat (Original Mix)
Here’s an example of some great melodic trance. Picked up by Enhanced Recordings, these two Frenchmen are holdin down the fort with a beautiful production. There is also an Andy Blueman remix which is equally as good, but the original is a little bit cleaner with a more pronounced focus.