Here are some more random tracks to keep you groovin:

Simon Patterson, Sean Tyas – For the Most Part (Reset Records)
This is the second time these two have collaborated on a track (the first being Something’s Up), resulting in a so-so track. I can’t say I’m not a little dissapointed because I was expecting more from these two, who usually produce great stuff. The vocals by Chris Jones kind of come in out of nowhere and don’t exactly fit with the hard-hitting bassline, and some of the sounds used are definitely recycled from older tracks. A dub version would be nice, though!

W&W, Ummet Ozcan – Synergy (Reset Records)
Three of the most talented trance producers have united to create this monster jam. W&W (Re-ward & Williem van Hanegem) and Ummet Ozcan have dominated the tech-charts with many recent smash hits, and this joint effort is no exception. I have heard this track on several DJ mixes, including a few sets from EDC, and the track never dissapoints. I really hope these guys get together to make some more great stuff.

Purple Haze – Bliksem (Doorn Records)
Sander van Doorn is finally back producing under his alias, Purple Haze. One of my favorite tracks of all time is Purple Haze’s Adrenaline, and this new track ALMOST reaches the bar that Adrenaline set years ago. This song has been well received by practically every DJ out there, and it never gets old after so many listens. Purple Haze is all about driving melodies matched with steady beats, and I love this side of Sander. This track brings back memories of his older work and it would certainly make my day if he produced more in this style. ‘Bliksem’ means lightning in Dutch.. the reestablishment of Purple Haze is undoubtedly back with a flash!

Boris M.D., Khaz – Eliana (Myon 7 Shane54 Monster Mix)
Released on Coldharbour Recordings, this track is making its way up the charts. Boris Borazjani (part of the group Departure) and Khaz  usually produce house tracks, but this recent trance creation shows off their wide range of talents. Myon & Shane 54 add their signature touch to this track, and it surely is a monster. The vocals are ok, but the breakdown is great and the beat drops in hard. These two Hungarians have been pumping out a lot of remixes lately, and this one is my favorite.