In 2008, when Dave Reed moved to Austin, Texas to work with Chad Cisneros, Tritonal was born and American trance was finally given the burst of energy it desperately needed. Within 6 months of working together, Tritonal pumped out 15 original tracks as well as numerous remixes for other big name producers. They soon caught the attention of some major record labels and their career took off from there. With tracks such as Lights Over Austin, Cloudbase, Let Solitude, Essence of Kea, and their remix of Ferry Corsten’s We Belong,  Tritonal has already cemented their status as a great up-and-coming duo that will be producing hits for a while. However, my favorite tracks of theirs have come when they team up with Cristina Soto, and her beautiful vocals are layered upon their pounding basslines. Check out Daybreak, Walk with Me, Invincible Sun, Lunarium, and Piercing Quiet for examples of her wonderful voice. Their signature ‘Air up there’ style remixes have been applied to many great songs and their tracks have been picked up by the likes of Anjuna, Armada, Flashover, and Coldharbour Recordings.

Unfortunately I will not be back in the Bay Area this weekend, but I hope all of you who are up there get a chance to see them! Here are some vids of some of my favorite Tritonal tracks:

Check out their website at:
Download their latest mix Air Up There 016 here