Apparently one of the most successful faces in the game, Armin van Buuren, has released a biography about his rise to fame in the trance community. This is outstanding news because I’ve always wanted to: 1. get into the mind of a world-renowned, constantly traveling, always connected, big name DJ.. and 2. learn the business model of starting your own label and production company and bringing it to the top of its class. The big, BIG problem with this book, however, is that it’s currently printed only in Dutch. If Armin is as smart as I think he is, he will eventually get this book translated into English for more readers to follow.

Here is an excerpt from the Armada website:
” The author of ‘One on One’, Coen Bom, has followed Armin around the world for over a year. He reports about the hectic life of one of the most popular DJs of this moment. During the process of writing “One on One”, Armin van Buuren was voted ‘most popular DJ of the world’ by the readers of British magazine DJ Mag in their annual ‘DJ Mag top 100′, and he received several prestigious Dutch Awards, amongst them an Edison Award, the “Pop Prijs’ and the BUMA Culture Pop Award. Coen Bom challenged himself to dig deep in Armin’s past and present to find an answer to the question ‘what is the key to Armin’s success?” Friends, parents, managers, and other acquaintances of Armin will speak their mind. The book contains pictures, and overview of all of Armin’s performances in 2008 and the path Armin walked to become the successfull man he is right now. ‘One on One’ offers an interesting view behind all the glamour, shows, and his artist status.”

Peep the book presentation video here:

Armin, please hurry up with the translation!!!