To keep you going through the week, here are some random tracks I purchased within the past few weeks:
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Sean Tyas – Seven Weeks
This track was been on the airwaves for awhile and was just released last Friday. Sean Tyas has definitely turned up his productions a notch and you can really hear his style changing. The breakdown of the song is classic Tyas, but the beats are definitely a new sound from him. Instead of just hard driving basslines, his new track has a bouncier feel to it as the beats are cleverly syncopated. The Tom Colontonio remix is not bad, but I prefer the original. Watch out for this at EDC!

Alex M.O.R.P.H – Sunset Boulevard
Wow, what a beautiful song! From his upcoming album, Purple Audio, this track is beautifully accompanied by the vocals of Spanish-English singer Ana Criado. Released on Vandit almost two weeks ago, Alex M.O.R.P.H. has skillfully blended the acoustic talents of Ana Craido with great melodic phrases, and the two sound sublime together. There is also a Paul van Dyk remix out which is pretty good. Armin included this song in this year’s ASOT, and you should definitely watch out for this at EDC!

Ben Nicky – Special Moment
Great progressive track from newcomer Ben Nicky. Release on PVD’s Vandit, this track exhibits shades and melodies of Akkeson’s hit Perfect Blue from last year. Although I think Perfect Blue is a better track, Ben Nicky has done a good job on this song.

Cosmic Gate – Sign of the Times (Markus Schulz Remix)
SLAPPER alert! Best listened to LOUD! If you love Cosmic Gate as much as I do, you better download this one! Markus adds his special touch to the breakdown of the song, but the beat definitely retains the Cosmic Gate sound. The song around 4:00 is just insane, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this song is played at EDC either.

Vimana – We Came (First State Remix)
Last month, Black Hole Recordings (founded by Tiesto in 1997) released a few remixes of the classic We Came. This track was released in 1998 by the trance duo Vimana, which is actually an alias of Gouryella (Tiesto + Ferry Corsten). My favorite remix is the one done by First State, or Sander van Dien and Ralphie B. This remix incorporates First State’s dirty techy sounds with the classic tune made over 10 years ago. You can tell that the production level of the song has definitely been improved and First State does a good job on this remix. Cosmic Gate has a tendency to spin throwbacks at their massive performances, so look out for this one at EDC as well!