Trance Energy 2009
Ok, I know I’m about 3 months late, but here is the official released album from this year’s Trance Energy. Held on March 7th of this year, Trance Energy 2009 took place in Eindhoven, Netherlands. This annual party is thrown by ID&T, which is a Dutch media group that has been around since forever (early 90’s) and throws the largest dance parties all around the world. Some of their popular events include Trance Energy, Sensation White, Sensation Black,  Mysteryland, Thunderdome, and NJOY.

This year’s event was thrown at Da Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, which is known to be very spacious and crowd friendly. There were over 30,000 people in attendence for the 4 stages, which meant it was sold out. This number may initially seem like a lot, but it is nowhere near the craziness which is the LA Sports Arena (Monster Massive drew over 60,000 people in 2008!) Thankfully, I don’t think the organizers in Europe pack the venue to max capacity like they do here in California. I hate the way Insomniac tries to maximize their profits by cramming as many people as they can into one hot, stuffy ass room (EDC is a little bit better since its open-air). In fact, the venues in Europe are WAY more organized and better suited for events such as these. At Da Jaarbeurs, they have giant screens which display artists’ timeslots as well as the status of the stages. People even hand out convenient floormaps along with portable timetables to help everyone out. They will actually tell you when the stages are full to prevent any bottlenecks and pissed off attendees from rioting (again, please take note Insomniac!) I cannot stress enough how retarded these party promoters have become just trying to make some extra cash. These giant-mega raves which take place in southern California have become annoying to attend  because of their overcrowding and lack of space. Mix that with fucked up kids laying everywhere on the floor and you get a hard time trying to enjoy the music.

Onto the music.. I want to attend Trance Energy simply because, well.. it only showcases trance DJs. This year’s party was headlined by Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, Marcel Woods, TyDi, Marcus Schossow, Aly + Fila, First State, Simon Patterson, Judge Jules, Wippenberg, Rank 1, Joop, Johan Gielen, Scot Project, and Talla 2XLC….. seriously right? Why can’t they have parties like that over here??? This year’s EDC lineup is pretty freaking sweet, but it still comes nowhere close to these Eurpoean lineups (another reason why I need to move to the Netherlands). I also like how the stages are set up into different categories. There was the Main stage, which housed the big name DJs. Then there was the Future Stage, where all the newest and hottest DJs spun. There was also a High Contrast stage, which had all the DJs signed with the High Contrast label (one of the best in the tech game), and then the Classics stage, which had DJs spinning all the greatest throwbacks.

This 2-disc album contains the sets of two of the performances from the night. The first CD is mixed by John O’Callaghan, who spun on the main stage. There are a lot of awesome (albeit old by now) tracks on this CD, and the flow is great. The second CD is mixed by Rank 1, which consists of Dutchmen Benno De Goeij (producing legend) and Piet Bervoets. Track number 7 (LED There be Light) was chosen to be the official theme song of the year, and it is accompanied by 15 other trance goodies, many of which are released on High Contrast.

I myself have never traveled to Europe… but when I do, I will definitely plan my trip around one of these great events. Check out some pictures from the event (which I jacked from, and also listen to the CDs!

awesome screens showing DJ timetables

Someone on stage

Helpful sign

Cool lasers!