I am a great fan of any artists that release tracks on Doorn Records, which includes the talented Ummet Ozcan. Hailing from Gelderland, Netherlands, Mr. Ozcan has recently entered the trance scene by producing the smash hit, Timewave Zero. This trance bomb has been slapped by all the big boys at every event, with its techy sounds echoing throughout the dancefloor. I’m sure you have heard this song if you have attended any type of massive in the last half year. It brings back memories of hearing tech bombs such as Marcel Woods’ Cherry Blossom, Advanced, and the more recent Chakalaka, by Wippenberg. These tunes are made especially for big room performances because of their edgy sounds and intense basslines. Ummet’s sound is so unique because he creates them by himself, and they are used on his Genesis CM VST. If you are interested in his creations, you can purchase his Sylenth 1 soundset from his website . Tech-trance is my favorite type of trance (next to anthemic trance) to experience at a big event, and it is refreshing to hear tracks like Timewave Zero being played everywhere. His new release is a remix of Ronald van Gelderen’s Backstabberz, which I predict will also receive major attention in the following months. Big ups to Ummet Ozcan!

Play Timewave Zero here:

Play Backstabberz here:

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Check out Ummet Ozcan’s Genesis VST below: