The annual celebration of love in San Francisco, CA has changed its name again this year to the San Francisco LovEvolution (not to be confused with Los Angeles’ LoveFestival). Formerly known as LoveParade and LoveFest, this all day party features the best local talent and world-class renowned DJs from across the globe. During the daytime, the streets are closed off and multiple floats are set up for the numerous DJs spinning that day. Participants can wander around freely, meeting new friends while listening for the sound they desire. The event is filled with non-stop dancing and there are plenty of vendors to keep you hydrated as well as entertained. Oh, did I mention that the party is free? To keep the festivities going, there is an afterparty at night (last year’s was held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium). This portion of the party does cost an entry fee, but it is well worth it. Regardless of what style of music you enjoy, you will definitely have fun at this event. If you have never been to an outdoor daytime party, I suggest you go to check this one out.

LoveParade was originally created in Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. It soon became the greatest day in electronic dance music, drawing more and more people to it every year. In 2003, the event moved to San Francisco due to permit problems in Germany, and has thrived ever since. The festival recontinued in Berlin in 2006, but has also remained in San Francisco following that, and is now held in 3 cities around the globe. Come join the tens of thousands of people this year as they pay tribute to the greatest EDM party in the world!

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