I’m not going to show you guys the original album cover because it looks straight up retarded. (Seriously, trance needs better artists along with lyricists!) Anyway, John O’Callaghan is the best musician to come out of Ireland since Bono formed U2 in 1976. I was first exposed to work in 2006 when he teamed up with Bryan Kearney on the beautiful track Exactly, released on Discover records.  After I heard this track explode, I knew there was something special about his productions. Ever since then, he has churned out multiple massive tunes, most notably Big Sky featuring Audrey Gallagher in 2007. He has worked alongside many notable producers, such as Greg Downey, Bryan Kearney, Neal Scarborough, Thomas Bronzwaer, and Giuseppe Ottaviani. You may also have head some of his other productions under his aliases: Joint Operations Centre (JOC), Mannix, Inertia, and Lost World.

He released his first studio album Never Fade Away at the beginning of this year under Armin’s Armada label, and many of the tracks have already received a lot of airplay. Find Yourself has been remixed by Cosmic Gate and can be found on Armin’s ASOT 2009, along with Andy Duguid’s remix of Never Fade Away. There are plenty of guest apperances including vocals by Sarah Howells in Find Yourself, Jaren in Surreal, Audrey Gallagher in Take It All Away, Josie in Out of Nowhere, and Lo-Fi Sugar in Never Fade Away and Every Lesson Learned (great voice).  There are also guest producers which leave their mark in some of these tracks, such as Giuseppe Ottaviani in Liquid Fire, Tom Colontonio in Through the Light, and Aly & Fila in Megalithic. This album also includes the acoustic mix and a special JOC deconstruction of Big Sky (which is very cool). My favorite tune on this CD has to be Megalithic, which blends the sounds of Aly & Fila with the beats of JoC. Very solid album from the Armada label!

Also, download the party pack below for a wider range of that JOC sound. The pack includes my favorite tracks by him, including Exactly, Rotterdam, and his remixes of No In Between and If You Should Go. If you are in the SF-Bay Area, check out his July 4th appearance at 1015 alongside Richard Durand.