There have been a lot of notable crossover tracks which have come out in the last few years. What is a crossover, you might be asking? A crossover is a song that incorporates sounds/styles from two or more different genres, such as house+pop, house+hiphop. or trance+pop. In the world of dance music, there are many crossovers being spun everywhere to incorporate famous, popular tracks into a DJ’s playlist. An easy way of creating a crossover is through the use of mashups. This is when two songs are played at the same time, with their beats matching up at the same bpm. The DJ/producer will then adjust the levels so that only certain aspects of each song are played concurrently. Crossover mashups are very common amongst house DJs, but not so much in the trance community. It is much easier to mashup a house track and a hip hop track because of the similar bpm’s; this is a little bit harder for trance since most songs run at a higher speed. That being said, here is an interesting song I heard the other day while listening through the new Cam’ron album (yes, i do listen to more than just trance).

The lyrics and delivery of the song are just OK, but what is interesting is the background music. Rather than just mashing up two songs from different genres, this is an actual crossover production which uses a pretty obvious sample in the music. Remember Kaycee – Escape? This song must have come out more than a decade ago, but is finally being sampled in here 2009. This song brings back memories for me, as it blew up pretty big back in the day…

Here is an example of a great mashup from a couple of years ago:
Chemical Brothers- Do It Again mashed with Justin Timberlake- Sexy Back

Crossover tracks are great because they bring together artists from disparate musical genres. I love seeing artists venture out into new styles and apply their talents in different ways. This is good for the listeners as well because as the artists expand their sound, the fans get a fresh (but sometimes familiar) face to listen to in their brand of music. One of my favorite crossovers is Ferry Corsten’s Junk, which hosts Guru from GANGSTARR, one of the most og rappers with the smoothest delivery, as the track’s MC. What I would love to hear are some vocal trance tracks that feature historically great R&B vocalists, such as Babyface, MJB, or even sampled Aaliyah (RIP), paired up with melodic beats from Super 8 & Tab, AvB, or Aly&Fila.  I guess I will have to keep dreaming for now… but how awesome would that be?